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Fanfiction Master List


Family Ties
How to start World War Three 101. First, split up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Then, split up the European Union. Stir well until properly chaotic. Sit back and admire.
Main Index
Bonus Bonds (aka the Director's cut)

Britain was not always civilised and stiff-upper-lip. 60-500AD, The Roman conquest, the death of a mother, and a family divided.
Còmhraig (Prequel)
Edit: Scotia has been changed to Alba. Information here!

The Centre of the World
India and China's relationship through the ages. As China grows and develops while India is conquered again and again, can there be any hope?
Scroll 1

Pax Australia
The slow ascension of the Australian Empire, and the knock on affects it has on the world.
Opening Act
Act 1

Yours and Mine (Co-written with [livejournal.com profile] nenamoo)
It's 1854, and Hong Kong's been taken from China as England's new colony. Introduced to a world alien to him, he must adapt or break.
'Mine' (Hosted on Nena's Journal)
'Yours' Chapter Masterlist.

The Monster Series
Francis has been dead for a long time. But when he gets stuck while possessing a body, he has to go to his old vampiric "friend" Arthur for help. What he didn't expect was the teenage psychopath with a chainsaw that came along for the ride. Add in a few more miscellaneous demons, monsters and ghoulies, and you have a recipe for bloody hilarity.
In order of posting (not chronological)
How To Train Your Vampire (Original Oneshot)
Monster Mash
Monster Mash 2
Monster Mash 3
Monster Mash 4


Dump 1
- Gallia and Rome, with Gaul to the rescue. Rating: HARD R, 18, contains pedo empire
- MLIA is inspiring. Feat. Commonwealth, rating: 12, contains immaturity.
- British Empire colonial funtimes with a sting in the tail. Rating: 12, contains racist language in historical context.
- Albion and Gallia, Gaul's death. Rating; PG, Contains inevitable character death.
- Bolivia, Peru, Columbia and Chile, in a car, on the most dangerous road known to man. Rating: G, what I can write nice things really.

Dump 2
- UK family. This is exactly what went through my head when I watched the game. Rated: G, contains mild swears.
- Oh so you thought I forgot about the philosophical pillow talk thing? Rated: 12, contains makeouts and Plato.
- Ivan and Sarah. Rating: PG, contains anti-semitism in a historical context.
- Scotland and England, and the 1600s polite use of pronouns

Dump 3
- Portugal and England, problems with iron. Rating: PG, contains... EngPort.
- DrWho/Hetalia crossover, Rating: PG, contains protective Scotland.
- UK family in the car. Rating: 12, contains swearing.

Dump 4
- The origin of the name 'England'. Rating: G, contains obscure history.
- Cromwellian England. Rating: G, contains archaisms.
- England's house and the Twelfth Night. Rating: PG, contains backwards holidays and England in a skirt.
- Ancient and Modern Israel, comfort. Rating: 12, contains Holocaust imagery.
- England, accents and stereotypes. Rating: 12, contains swearing, large amounts of English slang, and chavs.

Dump 5
- The Battle of Boyacá, Columbia and independence from Spain. Rated PG, contains: South American history written by an idiot who has no idea what she's talking about. Also, England never can seem to keep his nose out of other people's business.
- The creation of Singapore. Rated 12, contains implied sex and India/China
- The Peru-Bolivian Confederation aka the marriage from hell. Rating: 12, contains contrived arguments.
- The end of the age of Empires, and Irish Independence. Rated 12, Contains imagery of war.
- Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. Rated: PG, contains... implications if you're dirty minded. Which most of you are

Dump 6
- Bermuda gets a lecture on her bad habit of cursing ships. Rated: G, contains England being a parent.
- Gibraltar and Falklands. Rated: G, contains England and Spain being terrible parents.
- Napoleon and St Helena. Rated: PG, contains bb Nations.
- And because I can never get away with a happy post, Montserrat and the eruption of Soufriere. Rated: 15, contains graphic imagery.

Dump 7
- England and Milton, written in English class. Rating: G, contains... nothing much?
- England and Marlowe, also written in English class. Rating: PG, contains Early-Modern-English pronouns and the polite use thereof.
- America and Russia and not touching. Rated: G, contains immaturity.
- The Sheep Club and Bermuda. Rated PG, Contains Bermuda.

Dump 8
- Rome, China, and big fires on hills. Feat. Mama!Greece and Mama!Egypt Rating: G, contains Simultaneous Independent Invention.
- Gallia, Scotia and Butterfly Kisses. Rated: G, contains tooth rotting cuteness.
- The creation of Northern Ireland was not a nice business. Rated: R-18, contains implied rape, violence and Irish history.
- A port to go back to. Rating: 12, contains implied sex, bad puns and adorable buhyoooooo-ness.

Dump 9
- On the fact that the Hokey Cokey used to be used to teach kids Latin. Rated PG, contains adorable little kids?
- China and Russia and doing things they shouldn't. Rated: PG, contains vodka.
- Quebec's a bit funny about his independence. Rating: PG, contains Quebecois swears and gratuitous French.

Request fills
Part 1
- Cande's request: Scotia/Gallia + Albion.
- Nena's request: El Dorado with Portugal and Spain. (Video link here, scene starts at 2:03)
- withgoldensoil's request: England, New Zealand and Australia
Part 2
- amygirl's request: England and America during the Great Depression. Hurt/comfort.
- starrose17's request: England, America and problems with politics.
- lovelylurker's request: America, Mexico and red hot retribution.
Part 3
- coco_venus' request: Scotland's introduction to America does not go as England planned.
- coco_venus' other request: Moar liek 'I'll be Bach' amirite?
- Unanimous request haha: England and Portugal on a boat. WARNING. SOPPY LOVE.


Shipping Fics
The Fifth Horseman (RusChina)
A Freeze From Fulham to Putney (EngPort)

History Fics
Dulce et Decorum Est Falkland Island's centric, WW1 home front based.
הבנה ("Havanah") Ancient Israel-centric, history snapshots.
Don't Let Go A short drabble in which the UK sibs go over the top in the literal sense.

Event Fics
England's Unusual Day (Written for St Geroge's day 2010)
The Sea Around Us (St Patrick's day 2010 fic)
How to Train Your Vampire (Halloween 2010)

Random stuff
The Kilt Incident
Those Bright Young Things
Think Right, Drive Left

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