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So while hanging around the forums for HS, I saw this comment.

“>dead characters in homestuck are happy and safe in the afterlife

Well, that makes 2 weeks worth of /co/mrades bitching about character deaths completely pointless…”

Which made me laugh a bit. But then someone replied with this....

“Happy and safe?

Motherfucker it’s a nightmare land where your memories bleed into dreams bleed into memories. You’re surrounded by horrorterrors and you can’t quite remember where you are. Even when you remember, you forget, because time has no meaning and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Picture a thousand staring Aradias, all without purpose, all blind to the swirling ether of images around them, all perfectly 0kay with their eternal fate.

Picture Tavros, burying himself deep into fantasy and dreams of happier times, even sad times, anything to avoid glancing up at the sky and seeing the horrific sea of tentacles his world has become. He desperately tries to forgot that he’s dead, his laughter comes out as screams, his legs appear and disappear, becoming flesh and steel and some horrible fused mess of both.

The only one who loves it is Feferi and that’s because she loves it there. Everyone reminds her of her mother, it’s like a homecoming.”

You now have all the nightmares.

All of them.

In other news I wish my dresses would just ARRIVE already so I could just go to Nena's house right fucking now jeegus. But I can't miss them again or they'll make me go through a shitload of paperwork.


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