Jan. 20th, 2011

hellzabeth: (>Konata: Cry)
You turned your back on me and walked away
without saying a single word…
In my wavering heart, I screamed like a child
“Don’t go... don’t leave... hey...”

I swear that is all that is needed of that song to make me tear up.

So I was in a terrible upset mood and From Y to Y helped me cry it out. Then Cande posted more of her MM spin off fic. (Which you should all be reading go do it now.) And then Oz bought my fem!England a paid account. So I feel better and love the both of you. <3333

I slept for 15 hours last night holy shit, went to bed at 10 and only woke up at 1pm the next day. What is morning. That might have been why I was so easily upset yesterday, and why I was so snappish with everyone. Sorry Plurk buddies! My humor gets quite mean when I'm tired.

Managed to make it through Great Gran's birthday party without being clipped around the ear for anything too snappish, though! I do love my gran. 92 and she may yet outlive us all. The woman lives on her own despite having a replacement hip, beating cancer three times and raising four kids, ten grandkids and 15 great grandkids. INDESTRUCTIBLE.

Half an hour to go until I catch the bus to Nena's to give her her present (FINALLY).

Hopefully today won't be as bad.

Edit: In other news (heh), Himaruya remembered Mr Newspaper! My god he's the cutest thing. Little freckles and that hat... I want to cosplay him at a con so I'll have an excuse to take pictures of everyone. |D;; /priorities
hellzabeth: (>Konata: brain capacity overload)
So I kind of really hate Countryliner Bus service.

The bus ride to Nena's place and back is always expensive, but how can a double ticket cost more than two singles.... I only managed to puzzle that one out half way through the bus journey.

I turned up at Nena's and found it... sans Nena. I really need to get over my phone-phobia and just use the bloody thing to check if people are in... Her mum was there to let me in and I left the present on Nena's desk. I hope you like it... maybe we could not turn this into a Boston tea party and just have a regular tea party instead?

Anyway I went back to the bus station pretty soon after, content to wait the 10 minutes left until the next bus home.

And I waited.

And waited.

For two fucking hours.

By the time the (last) bus turned up at 6:05pm, it was -3C, dark, and there were eight other pissed off passengers waiting with me. I would pity the driver for being the target of our frostbitten rage were he not such a nonchalant bastard who didn't tell us anything about what had happened to the other busses.


From Y to Y isn't gonna cover this one.

/puts on Love is War [Anti Material Mix]


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