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Man, what a week.

Hetalia Bloodbath was intense man. I don't think I've ever abused the F5 function so much in my life. The poor thing... but it was so much fun! I don't think I've ever seen a comment section fill up so fast in my life. And despite being a mod of CAPTALIA, I didn't really spend much time over there apart from to lurk. It went too fast for me. Still, great fun.

I've been writing all sorts of random crap that I haven't posted and, eh, maybe never will. It's just to keep myself in shape, writing-wise. Next to be updated will be FT, then new Monster Mash, fyi.

Also! I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! If you were on my Plurk you would have seen me being a dork and celebrating (to the extent that I typed the whole of Auld Lang Syne...) and that's why this is a little late to post.... well, for GMT anyway. For you Americans, I have one thing to say...

Greeeetiiiings from the fuuuuutuuuuure...

Here's to 2011!
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- Kokeshi ningyo (Benikasuri, so cute...)
- Lots of chocolate
- Pretty watch
- Pretty necklace
- Pretty hairclips
- All 4 series of Blackadder on DVD
- Moneys. (£40)


All in all quite a good Christmas. Grandma caught me writing Monster Mash (after lunch when all the old folks were having a nap) but I had my headphones on so I didn't notice until she said "ooh, that's quite good" from right next to me. I love my Dad's side of the family. They're much more relaxed and fun than my mum's side. Plus I see them more often because they live in my town. Grandma and Great Gran told my dad off for a homophobic comment he made. It was hilarious, they gave him such a tongue lashing.

Tomorrow's Boxing Day, though, so we're going off to see the other side of the family anyway. It should be fun regardless of slightly stuck up attitudes once Uncle Ian gets drunk. XD
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Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, but the computer mouse

The stockings were hung by the fire with glee
In hopes there'd be presents they'd wake up to see
It was perfect, a postcard portrait, except
For the young girl upstairs, who still had not slept.

Many nights in a row, she'd retired at 5
That's morning, not evening, oh how'd she survive
her family's gathering, tomorrow at ten,
That's AM not PM, when she normally slept then.

The best answer, it seemed was to turn off the lappy,
try her best to shut down, so she wouldn't feel crappy.
But alas, it seeed her best efforts were naught,
And she knew there'd be trouble, if she were caught.

She sat up and waited, and moaned in despair,
For she could hear mother ascending the stair.
In a panic she rushed, and dived for her bed,
hoping dear mummy would check Fluff instead.

The footsteps walked past her, and she let out a sigh,
when heavier footfalls suddenly came by.
She froze in her bed, and squeezed shut her eyes
A burglar on Christmas? What a horrid surprise.

He wasn't that quiet, the intruder bloke,
He seemed to have something caught in his throat.
His coughs sounded like chuckles, but that can't be right
Surely this man was looking for a fight.

She picked up the broom lying on the floor,
Moving to stand just behind her door,
Calming her breathing, she tried to be zen,
Tried to imagine she was a slayer of men.

"Ho ho ho" said the burglar, his voice strangely kind,
The girl thought of ninjas, and with that in mind,
She opened her door, and crept down the hall,
To find the burglar and mum having a ball.

"Do stay for a cuppa, you work ever so hard."
said mother, handing the strange man a card.
The rotund man smiled, from ear to ear
"Worry not my dear woman, I'll see you next year."

The young girl woke up the next morning in bed
with images of the dream going round in her head
She rolled on her side, and was startled to see
The broom, in her bed, right next to her knee.
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Ho hum, what to have... )

Need to get England's paid account renewed before he bitches me out about being stuck on girl-only icons forever (since that's all they left him with lol). Also, consider looking in to apping bb!England elsewhere at some point because it's fun and I miss writing stuff like Vincere. But only after exams.

Snow scheduled for tomorrow, here's hoping. By which I mean the rest of the country has already had snow (Scotland's completely buried) and I feel cheated. Just because the valley I live in has it's own climate due to the South Downs...

My room keeps heating up too much so I have to open the windows for the -3 air to come in, but then it gets to cold and I close them. Rinse and repeat. First world problems.
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So I just re-uploaded all of my FFX-2 music.

I blame Gemma for linking that piece of music, Eternity ~Memory of Light and Waves~, a few weeks back. I also blame Cande because we were talking about FFX-2 the other day.

And I blame nostalgia, because I'm actually playing the game. Again. And leveling properly this time, because although Cameron's expression when he found that I'd reached Shuyin on level 35 was hilarious, I couldn't actually beat the bugger, so training it is.

Fun thing; my uncle got me the soundtrack for Christmas about 5 years ago, but he had no idea what he was buying, so he got me the Japanese CD. Which doesn't really matter, it just means that both 1000 Words and Real Emotion were in Japanese too. It's really strange to listen to them now and understand them, when I was completely baffled 5 years ago. I'm almost proud of myself for progressing so far, but I shouldn't get cocky. I've got a while to go.

But I stand by my claim that this is the best intro music to a final boss ever:

Dat piano just so epic.

While I'm on the topic of games, I've been wondering recently, has anyone else on here ever played Yume Nikki? It's not exactly something I gush over often, since it's kind of a game that I don't talk about much with other people. Lol I am turning into Madotsuki what. I'd like to know if any of you guys have played it.
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Pay me a million pounds and we'll see. B|

And yes, I get withdrawal after a few days without internet. It sucks.

Anyway! I'm making Christmas presents for everyone in the form of friendship bracelets!

Here is a link to all the colours I have, so pick anywhere between 2 and 7, and I'll get cracking making them!

Put your picks of colours (from 2 and 7 please!) in the comments, and then PM/IM me your address and I'll send them! \o/ And it shall be a happy Christmas for all!
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*Blows cobwebs off journal*

Enlevement owns my soul right now, and I don't really sign off [ profile] oleander_uri like... ever. I'm also dying from like EVERY SINGLE MANGA I READ taking a holiday. I understand that they need a break, but.... but..... DGM STILL AT THAT F*CKING CLIFFHANGER ARRRGH. GET BETTER FAST HOSHINO-SENSEI.



Moving on to non-otaku stuff, car crash happened outside my house. Yup. Something interesting happened where I live! Holy shit!

Lol our 4x4 totally pwned the other truck. It did hit the tyre at a funny angle so we're gonna have to replace BOTH the axels because... it's a 4x4 and they're connected, but the other guy's wheel was bent all the way round and the front of his van was folded more times than an origami crane.

I'm pretty sure, if our 4x4 hadn't been parked and stationary, it would have totally just rolled over the other one and not even have noticed it.

The other guy was totally off his ass drunk as well, but he stumbled off while we were calling the police for cleanup so we can't prove it any more. Shame.


Happy belated new year, everyone!
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 Ah, I love December.

You spend half of it off school/work/college, it contains christmas and also my birthday. There are many things to love about it.

Speaking of birthdays; present list! 

New studio Ghibili film 
Smelly pretty cool stuffs for making of beautifulness.
Moneh. (Getting up to a total of £95. Yus.)
Chocolate (already devoured x3 )

And now for something completely different.

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I know, I know. "Where the heck have you been, Lizzy? We thought you were dead!" Yell my non-existant fans. Babies cry in relief at my safe return. Parents cook everyone's favourite meal for dinner. Teenagers replenish their shrines to me.

Har har,

In truth, I simply had a cold. Albeit a rather nasty one, which disabled me from coming to school and work on Saturday. But I have more or less recovered, I only cough a little and my nose only runs when I'm out in the cold now.

And Christ Alive, is it ever cold.

It's freezing beyond all reason, and I'm rather miffed that we haven't recieved our share of snow despite this. It's not ruddy fair. The only upside to cold weather is snow.

Watching a digger try to smooth down the chalk ground. It looks like the new building is going to be rather interesting. It may even be done by the time I leave. Ha ha. Yeah, right.

Anyway, It's the month of December, which is possibly one of my favourite months beside the cold. One; My birthday is in  this month. Two: Christmas is in this month, subequently meaning there is a large holliday during which I may eat as much as I wish and also get all the presents I want, never mind that it's a lovely time of year in the first place with all the love and joy being spread around. And Three: TWILIGHT IS COMING OUT IN ENGLAND ON THE 19TH AGHDSHFHRG.

I am soooooooooo pumped you have no idea. I seriously can't WAIT.

Almost to illistrate a point, I have bought the whole series of Twilight books and read them cover to cover again.

I'm kinda lonely right now though, since Moogle and Kimmi aren't in until, like, January 8th (which, co-incidentally is the day of my Psychology exam. Save me.) and thus Emily and Cam and I are allll alone together. Emily's already got cabin fever (or is that Cameron-fever? She's sick of him XD Bless.) And I'm gonna be lonely on wednesday mornings. Ah well, not much you can do about that. I do miss them though.

*le sigh*

D.Gray-man isn't out yet either. I've been camping OneManga for about 5 days now waiting for it. Bloody depressing, man.

GET BETTER FASTER DAMMIT HOSHINO. D: You can't just leave it on a cliff hanger like that!! It's been two weeks; we're going stir crazy here!!! *weeps*

Ja, mada!


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