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So I kind of really hate Countryliner Bus service.

The bus ride to Nena's place and back is always expensive, but how can a double ticket cost more than two singles.... I only managed to puzzle that one out half way through the bus journey.

I turned up at Nena's and found it... sans Nena. I really need to get over my phone-phobia and just use the bloody thing to check if people are in... Her mum was there to let me in and I left the present on Nena's desk. I hope you like it... maybe we could not turn this into a Boston tea party and just have a regular tea party instead?

Anyway I went back to the bus station pretty soon after, content to wait the 10 minutes left until the next bus home.

And I waited.

And waited.

For two fucking hours.

By the time the (last) bus turned up at 6:05pm, it was -3C, dark, and there were eight other pissed off passengers waiting with me. I would pity the driver for being the target of our frostbitten rage were he not such a nonchalant bastard who didn't tell us anything about what had happened to the other busses.


From Y to Y isn't gonna cover this one.

/puts on Love is War [Anti Material Mix]
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Since everyone else is taking pictures of the snow outside their windows, I'll throw my bit in!

Unfortunately it's nowhere near was impressive as [livejournal.com profile] vycey_baby or [livejournal.com profile] starrose17's pictures (the former being in Scotland where there is holy shit amounts of snow and the latter being on the North Downs which are higher altitude, while I'm in a little valley, all snug and warm and windy as hell). But, well, it's still snowing, so maybe it'll get better as time goes on.
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I'm so anal about these things idefk.

It's kind of annoying that all my old links to icons and suchlike will be just my default now, but oh well. At least it's all neat and categorised....

Went to Frankie and Benny's all the way up in Chichester today for the sake of some decent pancakes that Nena wanted. Forgot to wear a coat again and fuck did I ever regret it. A hoodie and a t-shirt is not enough to brave 2C with! >A< It wasn't fun at all, especially with the bitter wind, my god.

Oh well, warm now, been working on Monster Mash, all is well so far.
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And suddenly it's 5C and I can see my breath and I forgot to leave the house with a coat on when Nena dragged me out. Fffffuuuuu--

On the other hand, Cande and I got to write epic fight scenes tonight in For There Is Nothing Lost, and that was fun if now bawwww worthy because ;A; poor England... and the Winter court are rather unsympathetic people. Cold shoulder and all that.

I swear to god as soon as I finish this post I am going to go write FT because this is getting silly, I've been putting it off long enough, this thing needs to end B|

And then after that I can focus on Monster Mash and FTINL and maybe do some more to Centre of the World because Nena has been giving me scary looks... and speaking of scary, Nena, we should finish more of Yours. Aside from that one scene we did where we were clearly both having bad days because that was brutal >>;;

So many projects on the go, so little time.

And in the end, I gave up on NaNo. There's just too much stuff going on, I can write for billy-o but it won't go anywhere. >>;; Oh well, maybe next year?

Oh! And I shall also mention that I am currently babysitting the most adorable little 1 year old in the whole world ;A; the babydere is off the charts.
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Just been running a fever for the past 12 hours.

Slept through it for the most part, shivering and mildly tripping out all the way. I think it's broken now, or at least subsided. On the downside, it's 2:15 am and I've slept through the whole day so... yeah, really awake now. :|

/watches Mythbusters marathon instead

Yep, sick.

May. 19th, 2010 11:50 am
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Firstly, I am deeply sorry for making you drive all the way to my house only to find that I'm bunking off college due to sickness. But I don't think you want my germs before expo.

Secondly, I hate you for linking me to the kink meme the other day, because I've just completed my 14th fill in a week. And no, I'm not going to de-anon all of them. Sweet monkey Christ I need a life.

And finally... new FT goes up tonight and you are not going to like me.

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I'm coming down with a cold.

Symptom 1: Burning at the back of the throat.
Symptom 2: Heavy feeling in head.
Symptom 3: Abrubt tiredness way earlier than usual.
Symptom 4: Heavy nosebleed.

This better go away in time for Expo, or I swear to god I am going to hit something.

Maybe I can explain it away as recession or something, since I'm going as England and everything...

Waaa. ;-;

Also omg two weeks until the end of college and it cannot come fast enough.



Mar. 27th, 2010 07:16 pm
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So my cough has turned into an infection that has turned into labrynthitis, which sucks a lot. You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby round round right round.

Lucky for me it's only minor and occasional bouts that happen when I get up too fast or if I start coughing too hard or, I dunno, stick my finger in my ear like the forgetful div I am.

So anyway, I can't be the only one noticing how much Himaruya-sensei has been drawing lately. Not to say he should stop. Hell no, he needs to have free time more often.

The Russia pic in particular made me squee, but I'm such a biased fangirl I don't even. /makes a wallpaper out of it anyway.

Oh yeah and here's some Arthur/Maya I drew and then coloured a week ago.

Warning; big file, slight nudity and imperialism. )

Edit: Russia background for your enjoyment, da? (warning, file size is big like Siberia)

oh my god

Dec. 16th, 2009 12:11 pm
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Also, new iPod. I named it Arthur. *dork*

And because it takes pictures (and videos. SO AWESOME), expect snowy landscapes when I get home.

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I swear I will put the art up eventually you guys.

No, really.

So yeah, haven't sen Nemo or Nena all day, so I reckon they're too hung over from Nemo's birthday party last night to get out of bed. (Lightweights. Hahahah, I have the alcohol tolerance of an already inebriated lemur, and I still woke up fine.) Downside being that I'm now really bored and lonely, since I finished off all my RS work in my free earlier this morning.


I blame Russia and Poland. Because the Jews were their scapegoats, so now the Russians and Poles are mine.

Ha ha ha. Ha.

I've decided on Hetalia!Israel being a girl, seeing as that is the only way to make her NOT gay, because I think she's been screwed over by EVERY EUROPEAN COUNTRY EVER. Don't think I'm not looking at you, Italy, France and Spain.

I half want to write a fic on it, but I'm not that sure that it won't offend some peoples. But then, if you're easily offended, Hetalia is the wrong fandom for you. WAY WRONG.

*stares at all the FrUK, USxUK and RusAmeri doujin she downloaded last night.*

There is something wrong with me.

Anyway, Hetalia has at least made me a mad patriot. I've bought two poppies so far, and the vetrans have only been standing on the corners for about a week now.

I'm somewhat proud of my really huge one I got, though. It's on my bag, and it's bigger than my palm. Awesome.

I do think they're brave though, standing out in the cold like that. And it is REALLY BLOODY FREEZING TODAY. I'm typing this inside the Austin Building of college, and my fingers are starting to lose feeling in the tips. Making it very hard to type. Erk.

Mum found my journal the other day. Cringe. She probably thinks I'm a: insane, b: a sexual deviant, c: incredibly rude because I do NOT censor myself on this journal, or d: all of the above.


Ahh, screw this, I'm going up to the library where it's not fegging FREEZING.

-- Pidge.

PS: I lost my iPod. FML.
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Woah, woah, woah there.

Did... he just do what I think he did?


Ooooookay. "Servants of Phantomhive." You're freaking me out something bad.

And that is awesome.

For the record, I love Finny. He's the most adorable thing since ever, skipping around and accidentally killing all the plants in the manor, with his scary, up until now unexplained super strength, and also having a dash of "trap" about him, since I thought he was a girl on first sight.

Finny = awesome.

And holy shit Ciel actually shot the fat bugger. About time. Though I do feel bad that Joker got his arm cut off by Sebby.

D'aww. He'll live.

Wait a second, I think I just had a realisation.

Mr Fat-child-kidnapper had his body changed to "perfection". All of his "children" have artificial limbs with different parts of their body.

...did he steal those?!

Ew ew ew.

In other news, I have a cold, and it sucks some serious ass.


Feb. 13th, 2009 02:13 pm
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Booooored as heeeeeell.

Effing freezing outside

Should be doing English Lang coursework, technically.


But if we're getting technical, then I'm technically dead, the world is technically stupid and the word technically has lost all meaning to me after typing it out 3 4 times.

Urgh, I'm going to get home, spend half an hour in the company of my computer, then work the evening shift at the co-op for an extra 40 quid. Joy. I will then return home at ten in the evening, collapse in to bed, and wake up to do another 6 hour shift at 6 in the bloody morning, at the bloody co-op.


Well, at least my parents have run off to who knows where this weekend.
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Arrrrgh, I'm totally dead over here. I swear, everyone's trying to kill me with the amount of crap they're piling on me. The weight of psychology is crushing meeeeee~ The exam's in January and they're seriously putting the weight on; I'll never remember the names of all those researchers. Rrrrgh. *headdesk* My mind is slowly melting out of my left ear.  

And I also fell in love with Mononoke.

Oh my good god, Kusuri-uri is TEH AWESOME. The art style of the while series is simply beautiful, the animation flows like water and the stories, though complicated and mind boggling to a westerner like myself, are captivating. I can't look away from the screen when he's pulling out all those paper wards and smiling that smile he does whenever he's being really polite but is infact being quite threatening.

Kyaaaaa!! I want his outfit. It's so flowy and colourful and pretty and I WANT A SWORD THAT TURNS INTO A HOT GUY. YES.

Okay, fangazm over for now, and I have to actually get my ass moving and doing some RS work, which is technically what I should be doing-



Lesson's finished.


We'll, I have a free now, might as well stay here and surf around. god knows I won't find another computer as long as the weather's as freezing as it is.

Yotte, minamina-sama, makoto to kotowari, okikasenegaitaku-sourou. SO SAITH KUSURI-URI.
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I know, I know. "Where the heck have you been, Lizzy? We thought you were dead!" Yell my non-existant fans. Babies cry in relief at my safe return. Parents cook everyone's favourite meal for dinner. Teenagers replenish their shrines to me.

Har har,

In truth, I simply had a cold. Albeit a rather nasty one, which disabled me from coming to school and work on Saturday. But I have more or less recovered, I only cough a little and my nose only runs when I'm out in the cold now.

And Christ Alive, is it ever cold.

It's freezing beyond all reason, and I'm rather miffed that we haven't recieved our share of snow despite this. It's not ruddy fair. The only upside to cold weather is snow.

Watching a digger try to smooth down the chalk ground. It looks like the new building is going to be rather interesting. It may even be done by the time I leave. Ha ha. Yeah, right.

Anyway, It's the month of December, which is possibly one of my favourite months beside the cold. One; My birthday is in  this month. Two: Christmas is in this month, subequently meaning there is a large holliday during which I may eat as much as I wish and also get all the presents I want, never mind that it's a lovely time of year in the first place with all the love and joy being spread around. And Three: TWILIGHT IS COMING OUT IN ENGLAND ON THE 19TH AGHDSHFHRG.

I am soooooooooo pumped you have no idea. I seriously can't WAIT.

Almost to illistrate a point, I have bought the whole series of Twilight books and read them cover to cover again.

I'm kinda lonely right now though, since Moogle and Kimmi aren't in until, like, January 8th (which, co-incidentally is the day of my Psychology exam. Save me.) and thus Emily and Cam and I are allll alone together. Emily's already got cabin fever (or is that Cameron-fever? She's sick of him XD Bless.) And I'm gonna be lonely on wednesday mornings. Ah well, not much you can do about that. I do miss them though.

*le sigh*

D.Gray-man isn't out yet either. I've been camping OneManga for about 5 days now waiting for it. Bloody depressing, man.

GET BETTER FASTER DAMMIT HOSHINO. D: You can't just leave it on a cliff hanger like that!! It's been two weeks; we're going stir crazy here!!! *weeps*

Ja, mada!
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Yeah, not really. Do you think I could type this sans fingers?

Well, I suppose I could use my nose... not my tongue though, I don't want to know how many gross fingers have touched this college keyboard. *shudder puke*

Got a Kimmi on my right and a Molleh on my left. Should probably be doing my english lang homework, but le meh. I also need to write a table of contents for my anthology....

Urrrrrgh and I bet everyone will give us homework on the last day as well...

Downloading D.Gray-man anime at the moment, but cannot access due to being about 20 miles away from my compy. Damn. Just left the torrent running in the end.  I really wanna watch it, I fear I may have an addiction developing.

Hm, tomorrow the college have given the option of coming in fancy dress (for halloween) and just paying a fine. Great fun. Might do it, just to get cam to die from embarresment.

Oh well, off to do that homework before my concience has a heart attack or pulls something.

Ja ne!
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Why are you so far up in the Northern Hemisphere, England? Why are you so close to the arctic circle? WHY ARE YOU SO COLD?!

I cannot comprehend how those boys outside my window can play football in t-shirts. It's cold as sin out there, I'm wearing three layers and sitting indoors next to a radiator. I can't stand it. My right little finger is for some reason colder than the rest of my hands.

[/moan] [/groan]

Man my Saturday is going to be busy. Going to work at 6:30 am, going to Emily's at 12:00, birthday dinner with Kim at 6:30 at the Hungry Horse. I'm not going to get any rest....


I feel tired just thinking about it.


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