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So at work today there was a really awful customer.

Which is weird, because most customers are quite polite if they're not drunk. But this lady, oh man. She's always caused trouble, been pushy and a bit frightening. Usually, I just serve her quietly and get on with it. But today, we were being observed by the area manager, which meant we had to do everything by the book.

See, she wanted to put money on her top up card. Which is totally fine, but then she asked to pay by credit card. Also fine, but we have to take the money off the credit card first, and then use the machine to get it on to the top up card, because if the credit card is for some reason declined, we can't undo the money we just put on the card. Basically, if we did it wrong, we could potentially lose the shop between £10 and £100. And with the area manager there, we couldn't exactly do it any differently, and so I told her.

She said to me "No, you put the money on my card first, and then I'll pay you, got it?"

I tried to explain to her that I couldn't, that the regulations said we had to do it the other way around.

"What? But I always get it in here the other way around. Are you trying to say I'd steal it?"

I quickly said no, I would never accuse her of that, but it was company rules and I couldn't change them. So she demanded to see the manager. I called out Phil, since he was duty manager, and he told her exactly the same thing.

She stormed off in a huff, and we thought that was the last we saw of her. But then, while Phil was serving another customer, she came back, and started yelling at him.

The lady Phil was half-way done serving was understandably miffed that this woman had 1: Jumped the whole queue and 2: made it harder for her to get her shopping done. She politely asked her to wait five minutes until she was done. The difficult customer told her in no uncertain terms where to shove it. Clearly shocked, the half-served customer asked her who on earth she thought she was, speaking to a stranger like that, and the argument escalated.

Thankfully, the politer woman's husband took her out of the shop before it could escalate beyond a slap fight, but the difficult customer stayed, and continued to yell at Phil. But Phil works as a doorman, and was complete with battle scars from the pub he'd worked the night before, and wasn't taking any shit from her, just calmly repeating and trying to make her understand why we couldn't serve her that way round.

She demanded to have the head office phone number. Which he gave her, along with a complaint form.

And so, she left for good, saying that this wasn't the last we'd see of her. As soon as she was out the door, Phil's response basically amounted to "lol bye bitch" and he went back to dragging stock.

I, however, was a little more shaken. I mean, I'd never seen two grown women (the difficult woman was in her early 30s, the polite one in her late 50s) actually go at it in such a way, complete with name calling and such. Besides which Ms Prissy is a regular customer (though Phil says she won't be back in here on his watch) so there's a chance I'll have to deal with her shit again.

Urgh, idk, growing up in an area of town where there is maybe like one crime every month... has probably made me soft to a lot of these kinds of incidents.

What really kind of narked me though, was that she flaunted that she had cash. Cash. If she'd paid by cash, I could have put the money on the card first, and then taken her cash, just in the order she liked it. But no. Nooooo. She wanted it exactly her way.

Blugh. Day = suck.

Me = playing on Sims.

PS: Went and saw Deathly Hallows, cried at Dobby, which made me feel a little better.
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Like I needed to lose any more blood today.

So there I am, lying on my bed playing Sims 2, when my nose starts bleeding. Since this happens about as often as a runny nose for me, I go get some tissues, since it's a slow, small one.

Or so I thought.

Two minutes later, not even that, there's suddenly a RUSH of blood, like idefk what. I was lying down, there was absolutely no reason... and now there is blood literally everywhere, my room looks like a murder scene, never mind the state of the bathroom. The bed's covered in it in so much that it looks like someone was stabbed on it, and there's a nice drip-trail all across the white fucking carpet to the bathroom.

And because I was trying not to completely bleed out, I left it there long enough for it to soak in. So now everything is stained.

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Well this is nostalgic, sitting in the computer room at college agonising over UCAS applications...


I had really hoped not to do this shit again, but apparently every year you apply you have to do EVERYTHING from the top. Entering in every single course I've ever done, pass or fail, kind of sucks a big meaty one.


But I have to get it over with or risk my mother pulling a hernia or something over it because she stresses out over these things, even though it's my problem not hers and I'm a big girl now. I love my mum but she is a little bit... neurotic sometimes. >>;;;

Paperwoooooooooooooork. /drowns
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I appologise for not being on and active as of late, my internet has been le crap. B| /kicks it. Cande I think your grumpy possessed modem has migrated to the northern hemisphere because it is simply not behaving.

Anyway it's (mostly) fixed and we shall soon return you to your regularly scheduled rambling and fics.


Sep. 25th, 2010 03:32 am
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It is 3:30am.

I have work in precisely 3 hours.

I can't sleep at all because I overslept until 2pm this morning/afternoon.

Fuck, what is my body clock. This is an insane sleeping pattern and I have shit to do tomorrow.

Crap crap crap what do I do. I could pull an all nighter but then by 10am I'd be tired and have to go to sleep, and then at 3pm I have to go see my sister's performance, and then at 6 I have to go back to work again because Kirsty got fucking fired for being a stupid bint and forgetting she had a fucking job aaaaaarrrgggh.

I am so frustrated I can't even.

I'm not even tired.
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So it was 10 minutes from the end of work, when this girl knocks on my till to get my attention from where I'd been putting away the ciggies.

"Hi, can I help?" I ask brightly.

"I'll have a 12 please."

Our lotto cards are numbered from 1-12, and the 12's the cheapest at £1. I nab it out of the dispenser and scan it.

The girl's looking about nervously, but I give her a scrutinising look and decide she seems the type who'd snap at me if I asked what's wrong. "That's a pound please."

So she gives me a pound.

Walks out the shop.

And comes back with a lady from shopwatch.

"You have just sold a restricted item to an under 16 year old."

I broke down in tears.

Fuck my life fuck my life fuck my life fuck my life fuck my life fuck my life.
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Gaaaaah holy shit holy shit holy shit

Someone got murdered outside Nena's house.

I mean that's awful for that person and all but now I'm freaking out over Nena's safety and- she's rather calmly just told me she was in the front room at the time so she was no less than 10 meters away from said murderer-

Holy shit, just, ahhhhhh

my mind's going through all kinds of fucked up scenarios I wish it wouldn't


Calm down Pidge, calm. Nena locks her door. Nena has a baseball bat.


Oh cock.

Aug. 28th, 2010 01:41 pm
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So I came home from work and forgot to refresh the concealer on my hickies before going downstairs to make lunch.

Mum noticed.

Mum guessed.

She's not talking to me.

I'm not sure what word accurately describes what I'm feeling right now.

"Boned" will suffice.
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I have a sword you guys.

A fucking sword.

Me and Nena were dueling on the way up to college. A long and bloody battle ensued, even as we made our way to class. T'was grueling and horrifying, but eventually I was made victorious!

Haha, yeah.

Plastic swords from the costume shop are fun.

Especially when bought on a whim.

Now to read Brideshead Revisited for an hour.

Edit: Broke sword. Trying to fix sword.

Edit edit: spilled super glue all over my hands. It dried way too fast. Hands are now stuck in single position. FML.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]"Again" by Yui.

For the love of god, I play that thing too often for it to be healthy. And I still love it. 208 plays later. >>;;

Cut for length because WOAH I GOT CARRIED AWAY. )


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