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What has Pidge been doing? What Pidge always does when she's stressed!


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Ho hum, what to have... )

Need to get England's paid account renewed before he bitches me out about being stuck on girl-only icons forever (since that's all they left him with lol). Also, consider looking in to apping bb!England elsewhere at some point because it's fun and I miss writing stuff like Vincere. But only after exams.

Snow scheduled for tomorrow, here's hoping. By which I mean the rest of the country has already had snow (Scotland's completely buried) and I feel cheated. Just because the valley I live in has it's own climate due to the South Downs...

My room keeps heating up too much so I have to open the windows for the -3 air to come in, but then it gets to cold and I close them. Rinse and repeat. First world problems.
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And suddenly it's 5C and I can see my breath and I forgot to leave the house with a coat on when Nena dragged me out. Fffffuuuuu--

On the other hand, Cande and I got to write epic fight scenes tonight in For There Is Nothing Lost, and that was fun if now bawwww worthy because ;A; poor England... and the Winter court are rather unsympathetic people. Cold shoulder and all that.

I swear to god as soon as I finish this post I am going to go write FT because this is getting silly, I've been putting it off long enough, this thing needs to end B|

And then after that I can focus on Monster Mash and FTINL and maybe do some more to Centre of the World because Nena has been giving me scary looks... and speaking of scary, Nena, we should finish more of Yours. Aside from that one scene we did where we were clearly both having bad days because that was brutal >>;;

So many projects on the go, so little time.

And in the end, I gave up on NaNo. There's just too much stuff going on, I can write for billy-o but it won't go anywhere. >>;; Oh well, maybe next year?

Oh! And I shall also mention that I am currently babysitting the most adorable little 1 year old in the whole world ;A; the babydere is off the charts.
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Spend all afternoon dere-ing with Cande over silly bbBermuda things but all the same I think I'm going to end up art-dumping this crazy stuff that I have in my head because too cuuuuuute so much babydere.

In other news I managed to sprain my hand while ice skating on Monday. Bravo me, bravo. It hurts like a bitch and now on top of it all I've caught a cold and my stomach's cramping like hell because clearly my body has decided to time that just because it hates me. Well fuck you body, I just ate three packets of crisps today, deal with THAT salt intake. HAH.

In other other news I raised my eyebrows at this today because what, Germany, you're only now paying off that debt you have to France and England and America? It's 92 years on, man, holy shit. People can't we just let it go geez. Oh well, just in time for Oktoberfest.

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Hurr hurr

Sep. 24th, 2010 05:47 pm
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Cleaning cleaning cleaning everything. >>;;;; Grandparents coming for the weekend garahkdjsghdfl EVERYTHING MUST BE CLEAN.

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