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well after all that DDoS debacle.


ganked from Sarah who ganked it from Nena. )

So in other news the shop where I work at had a window smashed in last night at about 1am. It was closed for all of today. Idk when we'll be open again, I really need to check. But seriously, I've said to Amanda before that the crime rate's been getting worse and worse recently, ever since after the snow.

Ah well, time to hit the hay.
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God yes okay having to study for only one subject makes lift infinitely easier. orz;;


Week 1Religious Language
Week 2Religious Experience
Week 3Miracles
Week 4Attributes of God
Week 5Life after Death
Week 6Religious Language
Week 7Religious Experience
Week 8Miracles
Week 9Attributes of God
Week 10Life after Death + revision

Week 1Holocaust Theory
Week 2Sects of Judaism
Week 3The Diaspora
Week 4Core Beliefs
Week 5Messianic Hope
Week 6Holocaust Theory
Week 7Sects of Judaism
Week 8The Diaspora
Week 9Core Beliefs
Week 10Messianic Hope

Step 1: for each topic, write detailed notes from textbooks given, summarising the most important points.
Step 2: write essay for tutor and hand it in by the end of the week
Step 3: ????
Step 4: PROFIT!

I am going to face this exam with all the preparation I can. You won't get rid of me that easily, Brookes.



Mar. 24th, 2011 03:36 pm
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Okay so.

Thank you everyone who gave me kind words yesterday. You guys are awesome. Even those who don't usually comment... I feel so loved. ;u;

Here's the plan: to get where I need to go, I need to turn one of my Cs into a B. This is impossible for English Language, but totally possible for RS. Thus, I am going to resit my RS Exam one more time (もう一回、もう一回 /「私は今日も転がります!」と,) and get that grade.






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So I did an art meme like you see on devart, but because I hate devart right now, you're getting to see it on here.

Also I need to get back to updating my journal more often, haha.

oh yeah and this thing is WICKED HUGE and has spoilers for Act 5 of Homestuck. )
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Shit guys, I go to work and come back to find there's a lot of bad stuff going down.

Powerful 8.9 earthquake off the coast of Japan that's sending out tsunamis everywhere... Japan's declared a nuclear emergency because one of their reactors is damaged so badly by the earthquake that the technicians can't pump water to it. Several other facilities are on fire already and the tsunami is traveling as fast as a jet plane over the ocean, expected to hit Hawaii in about 4 hours, America mainland in 6, New Zealand in about 10-12.

I hope you guys are okay. I know South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the West Coasts of the Americas have tsunami warnings, so stay safe okay?

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I'm going to Oxford.

No wait let me say that again properly.


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Yeah so I'm basically not progressing anywhere with the next chapter of MM since I'm so tired, and thus... I'm gonna spam y'all with some adorable and awesome shit I keep finding for Hetalia!

If the images won't load for you, click the ☆ to go to their direct page.

Comics/4koma etc section. )

Just plain old awesome pictures. )

Okay, that's enough for now.
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Pidge: Stare at new update.

You do. Your stare is hardly as unnerving as certain inspectors may be, but you stare none the less. You take your glasses off and wipe them, then putting them back on. No matter how you tilt your monitor, it would seem that the text stays the same.

Is this... smut-fic?

In your Homestuck?

It's (apparently) more likely than you think.

====> )
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Pretty dresses: get.

Happy Pidge: accomplished.

Stomach cramps: receding and fading.

My day so far: pretty fucking sweet. <3
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Request: Could you tell us New Zealand's gender? Boy or girl?
Reply: Mmm, I wonder which...



Though confirmed Brit Brows ftw.


Jan. 1st, 2011 01:26 am
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Man, what a week.

Hetalia Bloodbath was intense man. I don't think I've ever abused the F5 function so much in my life. The poor thing... but it was so much fun! I don't think I've ever seen a comment section fill up so fast in my life. And despite being a mod of CAPTALIA, I didn't really spend much time over there apart from to lurk. It went too fast for me. Still, great fun.

I've been writing all sorts of random crap that I haven't posted and, eh, maybe never will. It's just to keep myself in shape, writing-wise. Next to be updated will be FT, then new Monster Mash, fyi.

Also! I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! If you were on my Plurk you would have seen me being a dork and celebrating (to the extent that I typed the whole of Auld Lang Syne...) and that's why this is a little late to post.... well, for GMT anyway. For you Americans, I have one thing to say...

Greeeetiiiings from the fuuuuutuuuuure...

Here's to 2011!
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☆ Make a voice post with the following things so that your F-list can hear how you pronounce them (and laugh at you, of course):
▊ Your name and/or username
▊ Where you're from
▊ The words "roof", "aunt", "direction", and "naturally"
▊ Your favorite song
▊ Your favorite character
▊ A word in a different language

If it sounds quiet it's because it's 2am here and idk why I didn't do this during the day I am a fail.
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Stolen off [livejournal.com profile] starrose17

A is for age: 18, going 19 in December
B is for beer of choice: Erm, I don't drink beer.
C is for career right now: Working in a corner shop full of crazies.
D is for your dog's name: Jimmy!
E is for essential item you use everyday: Laptop. /HOLDS IT ;A;
F is for favorite TV show: QI or Top Gear. Otherwise I don't really watch TV...
G is for favorite game to watch: If it's watching... I'm not interested in football unless it's the world cup.
H is for Home town: Petersfield, Hampshire
I is for instruments you play: Mild ability on the piano, have forgotten everything I knew about playing cello...
J is for favorite juice: Orange.
K is for whose butt you'd like to be kicking: The person who made Holly work a shift tonight when she was so nastily ill. >[
L is for last place you ate at: Work. orz;;
M is for marriage: Currently not married, hope to be one day though.
N is for your name: Lizzy
O is for overnight hospital stay: When I was a little baby and my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. How to give a parent a heart attack 101: have them walk in on their child's cot covered with blood! 8D
P is for people you were with today: Mainly my sister, mum, Holly at work and the various customers...
Q is for what's your best quality: Erm. I can. Write? Ish?
R is for what are you currently reading: OCR Philosophy of Religion for AS and A2 B|
S is for relationship status: ... complicated.
T is for time you woke up today: 10 ish
U is for the type of underwear you have on: Regular black.
V is for vegetable you love: Bell peppers! And onions. Those two!
W is for worst habits: Procrastination... being paranoid over silly things... chronic shyness irl...
X is for x-rays you've had recently: Never in my whole life.
Y is for something yummy: Chewing gum. I have a nasty teeth-grinding, finger/nail/skin biting habit, and gum stops that from happening.
Z is for zodiac sign: Sagittarius!
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College again, this time working on Personal Statement. It's a lot harder to sing one's own praises than it is to self-depreicate, oddly.

I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hate UCAS, I should have listened to Imi when she warned us two years prior that it was a bitch.... orz;;

On the bright side we've managed to tame the internet's fail down to a manageable turns-off-randomly-once-a-day, rather than doesn't-work-ever.

On the un-bright side I managed to forget that UCAS application work day is on Friday not Thursday, so I'm here for very little reason. I mean, I'll still work on my personal statement but... orz;; so much fail what is my life.

I think the worst thing about it might be trying to get it up to the 4000 character limit but not over it, if you see what I mean. The little bar at the bottom of the screen only tells you how many words you're writing, not characters. I keep getting 100 under or 50 over and it's frustrating trying to keep it coherent but within limits.

Also there are faeries all over my notes and I blame Cande.
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I appologise for not being on and active as of late, my internet has been le crap. B| /kicks it. Cande I think your grumpy possessed modem has migrated to the northern hemisphere because it is simply not behaving.

Anyway it's (mostly) fixed and we shall soon return you to your regularly scheduled rambling and fics.
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Le sigh. I have been soooo busy lately. Unsure whether to write another chapter of FT now or do it tomorrow. But tomorrow I'm running around sorting out UCAS stuff...

Blarg. orz;;;

At least I can cheer myself up watching the Commonwealth games. For all that India is kind of failing at hosting it, it doesn't mean I don't get to see some very nice eye candy.

Mmm... 100m sprinters... and swimmers... and wrestlers....

Also yay Dave's showed up again in Homestuck, that makes me happy. I sometimes forget he's my favourite out of the Kids. Terezi will forever be my favourite Troll. But Dave, oh Dave.

You now own all the stock markets.

All of them.

Alright meme time.

Day 27 – Your favorite place )
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More Tales from Behind the Till )


It is absolutely tipping it down outside and I got very wet coming home because I was a stupid bint and wore my summer shoes. They are very un-waterproof and now my feet are wet and cold, but it's okay because I have the extra blanket on my duvet and Kumajiro sitting on my feet.

Please don't ask why I have a life-sized baby polar bear plushie.

That story is long and involves the shattering of childhood illusions of Santa being real.

My pirate hat for Iggy came today! I already have the feathers from Hobbycraft so it's going to look awesomesauce when I get around to attaching them properly.

I was looking at the miserable golfers on the front of the papers at work, standing under brollies because it's raining in Wales. All I can say to that is that they're morons for holding an outdoor event in the rainiest country that doesn't have a rainforest. It's Wales. It is always raining in Wales.

The world is full of silly people and I get to watch them on TV.
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Extremely conservative grandparents are here.

I do love my grandparents, I really do. They're nice people, but our views somewhat... clash. I would never speak against them or anything so disrespectful of course. That'd get me a clip round the ear, 18 or not, and also because I respect them as my elders. It's just, as my elders, they have some views that I can perceive to be a bit... outdated, to an extent.

Grandpa has a tendency to rant on how homosexuals are "bloody loud, won't leave us alone" to which I reply "well you hardly leave them alone" in my head. And then he goes on hating Stephen Fry, a man I greatly respect for his works and his strength to carry on with a life that didn't always treat him kindly and even today is far too swamped to have a relax, the poor thing.

Idk, it just irritates me slightly, but I hold my tongue.


Day 17 – Your favorite memory )
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So Amanda was trying to get into the warehouse of the shop but there was a lady with her shopping trolley in the way. She didn't seem to hear her when she asked her to move, and Amanda made an over-exaggerated shrugging motion at me on the till. I did one back, even more exaggerated. This somehow deteriorated into making faces at each other while the lady had moved on completely.

We are so mature guys.

Day 15 – Your dreams )


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