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So I kind of really hate Countryliner Bus service.

The bus ride to Nena's place and back is always expensive, but how can a double ticket cost more than two singles.... I only managed to puzzle that one out half way through the bus journey.

I turned up at Nena's and found it... sans Nena. I really need to get over my phone-phobia and just use the bloody thing to check if people are in... Her mum was there to let me in and I left the present on Nena's desk. I hope you like it... maybe we could not turn this into a Boston tea party and just have a regular tea party instead?

Anyway I went back to the bus station pretty soon after, content to wait the 10 minutes left until the next bus home.

And I waited.

And waited.

For two fucking hours.

By the time the (last) bus turned up at 6:05pm, it was -3C, dark, and there were eight other pissed off passengers waiting with me. I would pity the driver for being the target of our frostbitten rage were he not such a nonchalant bastard who didn't tell us anything about what had happened to the other busses.


From Y to Y isn't gonna cover this one.

/puts on Love is War [Anti Material Mix]
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First I get up at arse-o'clock to go to Chichester after being held hostage to RP until 3am last night, all so I can have a 20 minute breakfast with Nena in a restaurant which admittedly does serve excellent pancakes, but has no heating.

But Nena is forgiven because she is a squish and clearly having a derp day. Omnomnom lipstick.

Then I finally get home (stupid irregular bus service) and relax for a few hours before my sister reveals that she's gotten changed into pajamas and "oh, now I can't take grandma's dog back home can you do it for me" even though she was asked to do that three hours ago. "Oh but I'm making dinner now." Well you weren't making dinner three hours ago you layabout little pretentious... so then I had to run the dog to grandma's at lightning speed because work started at 6 and it was like 5:30 when she told me argh.

And then I get to work and derp about with Holly (FOUR HUNDRED BABIES) for four hours before we discover there's a new locking mechanism on the door that nobody explained to us how it works so we nearly set the alarms off again before we figured it out.

And now I'm doing her shift for her, on top of my own, tomorrow. That's okay though, because it's her birthday tomorrow and she works too much anyway.

Which means I'll be working 2pm-10pm sob sob sob. Sorry Cande, I probably won't be able to chat with you. ;n;

Speaking of which it's my birthday in 4 days and I haven't thought of anything to do. 8D;; The day is free, so. Uh. Any ideas guys?
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And suddenly it's 5C and I can see my breath and I forgot to leave the house with a coat on when Nena dragged me out. Fffffuuuuu--

On the other hand, Cande and I got to write epic fight scenes tonight in For There Is Nothing Lost, and that was fun if now bawwww worthy because ;A; poor England... and the Winter court are rather unsympathetic people. Cold shoulder and all that.

I swear to god as soon as I finish this post I am going to go write FT because this is getting silly, I've been putting it off long enough, this thing needs to end B|

And then after that I can focus on Monster Mash and FTINL and maybe do some more to Centre of the World because Nena has been giving me scary looks... and speaking of scary, Nena, we should finish more of Yours. Aside from that one scene we did where we were clearly both having bad days because that was brutal >>;;

So many projects on the go, so little time.

And in the end, I gave up on NaNo. There's just too much stuff going on, I can write for billy-o but it won't go anywhere. >>;; Oh well, maybe next year?

Oh! And I shall also mention that I am currently babysitting the most adorable little 1 year old in the whole world ;A; the babydere is off the charts.
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Extremely conservative grandparents are here.

I do love my grandparents, I really do. They're nice people, but our views somewhat... clash. I would never speak against them or anything so disrespectful of course. That'd get me a clip round the ear, 18 or not, and also because I respect them as my elders. It's just, as my elders, they have some views that I can perceive to be a bit... outdated, to an extent.

Grandpa has a tendency to rant on how homosexuals are "bloody loud, won't leave us alone" to which I reply "well you hardly leave them alone" in my head. And then he goes on hating Stephen Fry, a man I greatly respect for his works and his strength to carry on with a life that didn't always treat him kindly and even today is far too swamped to have a relax, the poor thing.

Idk, it just irritates me slightly, but I hold my tongue.


Day 17 – Your favorite memory )

Hurr hurr

Sep. 24th, 2010 05:47 pm
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Cleaning cleaning cleaning everything. >>;;;; Grandparents coming for the weekend garahkdjsghdfl EVERYTHING MUST BE CLEAN.

Day 16 – Your first kiss )
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Gaaaaah holy shit holy shit holy shit

Someone got murdered outside Nena's house.

I mean that's awful for that person and all but now I'm freaking out over Nena's safety and- she's rather calmly just told me she was in the front room at the time so she was no less than 10 meters away from said murderer-

Holy shit, just, ahhhhhh

my mind's going through all kinds of fucked up scenarios I wish it wouldn't


Calm down Pidge, calm. Nena locks her door. Nena has a baseball bat.

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So I'm bored and I finished writing FT early and then Nena was rambling to me about Russia and told me that "nenaglyadnaya" means "adorable" or "beautiful" in Russian.

She apparently didn't see the whole "Nenaglyadnaya", but I nearly cuted myself to death.

So then I doodled something cute.

Image under cut because I appreciate your friends list and bandwidth. )

Since I'm a curious bugger, what's the origins of your nicknames, flist?
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Ah, we're definitely still going out on Wednesday right? Because I have to go to that thing at work for an hour. It starts at 11 but I'll be out by lunch so is that still cool with you?

I'd ask you on IM but you're offline and I will definitely forget if I don't get this down now.

Your Pidge
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Busy day tomorrow.

1: Go to work.
2: Create revision cards for English Language, particularly different studies and big names (that are not David Crystal, god of Eng Lang though he is).
3: Write Family Ties 45
4: Create quotes list for Faustus, Para Lost and Twelfth Night
5: Scan doodles.
6: Go back over green revision booklets for Philosophy of Religion. Actually try to wrap my brain around Boetheus and Kant. FUCKING KANT.

Nena, you are not allowed to invite me to go out because I will grab at chances and I am going to KNUCKLE DOWN tomorrow. Grah.
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Though technically it is now Wednesday.

So yeah me and Nena need to stop randomly RPing wherever we go or random shit like this happens on car journeys home in character.

A Scotsman and a Welshman are in a car together eating McDonalds and the Scotsman says to the Welshman... )

/actually goes to bed this time I swear
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I swear I will put the art up eventually you guys.

No, really.

So yeah, haven't sen Nemo or Nena all day, so I reckon they're too hung over from Nemo's birthday party last night to get out of bed. (Lightweights. Hahahah, I have the alcohol tolerance of an already inebriated lemur, and I still woke up fine.) Downside being that I'm now really bored and lonely, since I finished off all my RS work in my free earlier this morning.


I blame Russia and Poland. Because the Jews were their scapegoats, so now the Russians and Poles are mine.

Ha ha ha. Ha.

I've decided on Hetalia!Israel being a girl, seeing as that is the only way to make her NOT gay, because I think she's been screwed over by EVERY EUROPEAN COUNTRY EVER. Don't think I'm not looking at you, Italy, France and Spain.

I half want to write a fic on it, but I'm not that sure that it won't offend some peoples. But then, if you're easily offended, Hetalia is the wrong fandom for you. WAY WRONG.

*stares at all the FrUK, USxUK and RusAmeri doujin she downloaded last night.*

There is something wrong with me.

Anyway, Hetalia has at least made me a mad patriot. I've bought two poppies so far, and the vetrans have only been standing on the corners for about a week now.

I'm somewhat proud of my really huge one I got, though. It's on my bag, and it's bigger than my palm. Awesome.

I do think they're brave though, standing out in the cold like that. And it is REALLY BLOODY FREEZING TODAY. I'm typing this inside the Austin Building of college, and my fingers are starting to lose feeling in the tips. Making it very hard to type. Erk.

Mum found my journal the other day. Cringe. She probably thinks I'm a: insane, b: a sexual deviant, c: incredibly rude because I do NOT censor myself on this journal, or d: all of the above.


Ahh, screw this, I'm going up to the library where it's not fegging FREEZING.

-- Pidge.

PS: I lost my iPod. FML.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I would have to say Mr Bryant, my old English teacher for GCSE level at school. I think it was the first time I've ever properly fancied a teacher. He was funny, managed to make Lord of the Flies relatively interesting, doodled on my revision notes, had awesome hair, sat on my desk (thank you god for giving me the intuition to sit up front!) and made me genuinely interested in English.

I got an A* in his subject. My only one.


More stuff, to do with my life. ~ )

Bored now.

Jul. 9th, 2009 01:08 pm
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Last full day of college, and I have conjunctivitus. Ow.

Seriously, wtf life. That's just not fair... summer's coming up and everything! D8

Argh, don't want to come in tomorrow, it's just going to be pointless lessons in which I will learn nothing and eat lots of cake. ...

Although. Cake.

Ahem, moving on. I really can't wait for fourth wall day at the Facility, when we can invite other people to test out muses and also let all our other muses run wild (and my god, do Lelouch and Lain ever want some time out in the open. Their only real experience is on [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, which I love, but you know. Yeah.)

Speaking of which; DANI!! If you're looking at this, come jump on this 4th wall breaking day(s) on the 11th and 12th of this month at the Facility for fun and lolz! I miss yooooou! D8

Nemo's Yuuko muse is starting to eat his brain alive. It's seriously weird. It's all he's been talking about recently.

Next test is "haunting" with loads of ghosts from the character's pasts coming back to cause much angst and lols.

Now I'm gonna go play a card game with bored looking Nena.

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I'm gonna’ make you, take you, face you, shake you right down to the dance floor~

Yeah yeah, I know, Nena's already done a journal with these lyrics. *shrug* Can't help it if they're in my head. It's a damn catchy song. It also may be converting me to BBLL. Oh deary.
I thought my only pairing was MmN

Oh well.

Two lessons cancled today due to English teachers not being here. Like at all. Nena's gone home due to this, as she has no more lessons. I'm suck here (with Nemo for company, thank god) waiting for effing psychology. Which I have nooooo motivation for right now.

I have issues with that motivation thing >>;;;

I promise I will eventually have pictures of the expo from... May... up on here. God only knows when.

There's something torturous about Thursdays. You KNOW the manga chapters are out, they're being scanlated as you type, but... THEY'RE NOT HAPPENING FAST ENOUGH DDD8 Maybe that's just my dorkyness. In truth, the manga I really look forward to only come out sparodically. Stuff from CLAMP like Holic and Tsubasa, or monthlys like Kuroshitsuji (which had an EPIC recent chapter) and FMA ("It's not like they have tanks" LOL. OH JUST LOL.), or even the ones that HAVE NO RELEASE SCHEDUAL AT ALL D8 like Loveless, Deadman Wonderland, Dogs-Bullets and Carnage and Alive! The Final Evolution.

Oh, and those on hiatus like D. fucking Gray-man. >>;;; Seriously. I'm gonna snap.

I take refuge in the wonders of crossover fanfiction (Finally finished that list you sent me, Dani, thank you so muuuuch!! <3 <3 <3)

Ack, how did my train of thought jump from that to Uzumaki (easily the most terrifying manga I've ever read. THE SPIRALS ARE EVERYWHERE OH GOD ON MY HANDS AND IN MY EARS AND MY FUCKING DNA AND SNAILS AND HAIR AND CLOUDS AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!)

Oh sweet lord, Uzumaki crossovers.


I wonder if this will beat Nemo's in terms of length? Doubtful, he is a Master Waffler.

DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES?! Yeah we like waffles!!
DO YOU LIKE PANCAKES?! Yeah we like pancakes!!
DO YOU LIKE FRENCH TOAST?! YEAH we like french toast!

... Yeah. Right.

Facility's going well, there looks to be more angst for our dear blond vampire friend, Fai. See, there's gonna be this brawl... and Sakura... well.

You can guess the rest.

I don't read as much manga as Nemo thinks I do, really. Looking at the list on Onemanga, i read hardly any in comparison.

Though is there anything wrong with wanting to have a wider field of reference? I can't call something the "best ever" until I've looked around a little more. It is because of this that I came out of my childish opinion that my first proper anime (I don't count the dubs I watched on TV as a kid, really. Those were butchered beyond all recognition. Cardcaptors... *shudder jerk*) was the best anime ever.

That anime was "Naruto".

Oh geez, have I EVER learned.

In other news, I'm never going to get Nemo off my back ever since I was ill in quite a nasty way due to being tired. The guy sure has an irritating, motherly way of showing he cares.

Ah well, I've put up with it for this long. <3 Neemz. AND I WILL CALL YOU NEEMZ HAHAH.

... Shiiit I have nothing to do until 3:15 apart from sit here and write this entry. Oh god.

Kay, um, list of stuff I'm currently downloading:

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, First season, because my sister was curious.
Code Geass: Lelouche of the Rebellion R2, because... Spinzaku and Zero Requiem. That is all. Wait wait, and Nunnally's scream at the end. My sadistic soul wants that.
Origin: Spirit of the Past, Beautiful movie, great soundtrack that gets stuck in my head like- GODDAMNIT.
Latest Bleach episode, I forget where we're up to. I think it's like 225?

Stuff I've been asked to download:
FMA first anime series, for Nena, who's been asked by Madi in the Facility (mun of Al) to be her Edward. Personally, I think she could pull it off great. Hehehe I picture him and Naruto getting into fights like CONSTANTLY.

Speaking of which, I'm gonna put in my app for Kusuri-uri this week. Introduce him to Facility 1 rather than Facility 3, as fun as hunting the bandits with Otherside would be.

Geez this is going to have a lot of tags.

And thus I shall sign off, probably not having beat Nemo's epic post. LOVE TO ALL MY FRIENDS FROM THE RP AND RL <3



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