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Ho hum, what to have... )

Need to get England's paid account renewed before he bitches me out about being stuck on girl-only icons forever (since that's all they left him with lol). Also, consider looking in to apping bb!England elsewhere at some point because it's fun and I miss writing stuff like Vincere. But only after exams.

Snow scheduled for tomorrow, here's hoping. By which I mean the rest of the country has already had snow (Scotland's completely buried) and I feel cheated. Just because the valley I live in has it's own climate due to the South Downs...

My room keeps heating up too much so I have to open the windows for the -3 air to come in, but then it gets to cold and I close them. Rinse and repeat. First world problems.
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Day = made.


Sob she went offline before I could shower her with love and thanks but...


My inner England just about fainted from happiness. He'll be so happy to have his Bess, and he'll be able to tell her about the expansion of the Empire and gush about how awesome he is and how happy he is to have her back, and how she goes down in history as the most famous Queen of England.


It has just occoured to me that our Spain is from directly after the defeat of the Spanish armada.

Oh, this will be good.
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Though technically it is now Wednesday.

So yeah me and Nena need to stop randomly RPing wherever we go or random shit like this happens on car journeys home in character.

A Scotsman and a Welshman are in a car together eating McDonalds and the Scotsman says to the Welshman... )

/actually goes to bed this time I swear
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First off, huggles to Dani. I just finished watching that video you sent me, it was fab. made me feel a lot better.

Secondly, new DNAngel chapter. Huh. Who knew that thing was still going; I think it's been like a year since I last saw a new chapter. Nothing special so far, just an ominous mirror that shows Dark reflected in it. So spazzing out ensues.

Thirdly, new test at the Facility coming up? Wish forfillment. In time for Christmas.


*spazzes out*

Okay, so there will probably be like no smex at all happening, but fluffy cuddles and Yuui and Fai being the same age for the first time in 150 years is pretty awesome anyway.

Probably getting too excited about this.

Oh well.

Fourthly; watched all the way through Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Higurashi's insane magical half-sister series. Crosses over in all sorts of interesting places and ways. Battler is impressive and Beatrice is an eccentric, insane chessmaster of a witch. Maria alternates from needing a load of huggles to being a SERIOUS CREEPER. It's not as gory as Higurashi (due to censoring and blurring) but it's about as brain breaking.

What. Why am I seeing all these arts of Battler as a Sourcerer. SPOILERS IT BUUUUUUURNS.

*Listens to the opening again* Nakanaideeeeeeee~!
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Argh, bad morning. Lessons were fine, just general atmosphere and I think I annoyed some people without intending to and they annoyed me back so I'm kind of insulted and feeling like an idiot and rambling- *GAAAASP FOR AIR* so... yeah.

Forgive me, I feel a bit of rambling self reflection coming on.

Whine, bitch, moan, repeat. )

tl;dr, I'm a whiner and need to stfu.

*goes off to bug Xae in chatroom, feeling a little lonely*
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Hetalia's made me a patriot.


Still not voting for the BNP. Nazi England is amusing in fanfics only.

Apped Lain, now waiting for a room to open in the Facility. At least she's off my back now. /watches series again for bonus mindfuck.

Thought that just occurred; Serial Experiments: Lain is to anime what The Waste Land by T.S.Eliot is to poetry. Really weird, trippy and fucking confusing, and cannot be understood without a lot of background reading.

We should study SE:L. It would be awesome. Biblical references and discussion of "what is reality" go!

What kind of class would allow that...

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So there was this adorable little puppy on the bus this morning and it totally made up for my headache, almost missing the bus and lack of music to listen to. Soooo cuuuuute, couldn't have been more than two months old, and it was all wrapped in this lady's coat to keep it warm (it's bloody freezing today, but not raining for once).

Had to go buy new paper pad, since it ran out. Seriously though, it shouldn't cost £2.30 for a pad of A4. >>;; WHSmith, you rip off artists. You're lucky you're the only guys who supply paper good enough to survive my school bag.

RP wise, killed off Fai and sent Kuro and Yuui on a rampage. Hinamizawa week, I love thee so.

... just kind of passing the time waiting for class now...


I love this song, okay. Stfu.
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Does anyone, anyone at all, know a prominent linguist that studied language in advertising. Google and the library fail me.

And I'm sick to death of these adverts I crave a coca cola so hardcore right now I don't even aaaaaarrrgh.

In other news, Hinamizawa week at the Facility is going to be FUCKING AWESOME. Bloooooood will be everywhere.

The rain outside is like a solid wall of water, I swear. It's almost impressive-

Jenny Assbitch just came into our class.

Someone lock her in the supply cupbord. Quick.

I love how the feeling of hatred seems to be mutual for everyone who has ever been taught by her.

I hope she suffocates in her sleep.

I'm such a nice person, aren't I?

And now, I return to work.
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Good lord. And I've omitted all of the super-crap ones as well.

I did get some blank paper eventually, but by that time most of the good stuff was on lined so I was like FML.

Pity my photobucket.

Now let's hope the images show up. )
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And totes bored while I'm at it. Hence this little thing, typed in the college corridor while waiting on my next class.

Holiday draws ever closer, and with my last class canceled on Thursday, it only seems that much sooner until I'm on that plane to Greece.

Though for some reason *coughRoadtoelDoradocough* I keep thinking "alriiiight... Cuba! 8D" *hits self*

Can't stop drawing Russia/Flowrights stuff. Bad brain bad! They have established pairings already! Stop trying to make them one with Russia! Even if it is really sexy and yandere and NO. BAD BRAIN STOP IIIIIIIIIIIT

Doesn't help that Russia-mun is totally encouraging me.

Must go back to drawing Flowrights/Kuro.

Ho hum, don't have another class for an hour and a half.


This one's for you guys to join in with. A challenge! )
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pearlyunicorn1: (02:21:43) Fai sad down next to Yuui on the bed, and after a moment of silent leg-kicking, took Yuui's hand to hold in both of his own. More silence, while Fai tried to force whatever he wanted to say to the top of his throat. Finally, "Yuui? Why is a birthday party so important?"
hellzabeth7: (02:24:02) Yuui blinked at the sudden question, then thought about it. "It's to celebrate that you have life, I suppose." he mused, not really sure on the subject himself. "To say 'I'm glad I'm alive' and give people a chance to say 'I'm glad you're alive too.'" Blonde hair swayed as he nodded, satisfied with that.
pearlyunicorn1: (02:29:21) Fai frowned, his face scrunching up, twisting unhappily, but he turned away, "That's...That's...."
pearlyunicorn1: (02:29:29) He wanted to call it "stupid"
pearlyunicorn1: (02:30:14) ...but couldn't manage to. Yuui must have had so many birthday parties without him. Fai wasn't sure, some days, whether anyone should be happy that he was alive.
hellzabeth7: (02:30:25) (( dude, I need to sleep. It's half past 2 am. XD One more tag~ ))
pearlyunicorn1: (02:30:44) (( I was wondering... ))
hellzabeth7: (02:33:54) Yuui hummed a little tune. "You know, I haven't properly celebrated a birthday before." he added, like it wasn't the most important thing in the world right now. "I wouldn't enjoy it if I couldn't share it with you." He beamed at Fai. "But I guess we could now, if you want. We've still got each other. I'm glad you're alive, Fai, and I'm glad I'm alive too, so I could be with you."
hellzabeth7: (02:34:14) (( and with that cavity inducing statement, I retire to bed ))
pearlyunicorn1: (02:35:26) "I'm...I'm always glad you're alive, Yuui," Fai murmured, a smile touching his face, smoothing away the upset as he leaned over and pressed his face and body against Yuui's side, and sighed happily.

Flowrights, oh Flowrights, why are you so FECKING ADORABLE?!

2:40am. Need. Sleep. And I was intending to get by body clock back to normal as well...

Bored now.

Jul. 9th, 2009 01:08 pm
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Last full day of college, and I have conjunctivitus. Ow.

Seriously, wtf life. That's just not fair... summer's coming up and everything! D8

Argh, don't want to come in tomorrow, it's just going to be pointless lessons in which I will learn nothing and eat lots of cake. ...

Although. Cake.

Ahem, moving on. I really can't wait for fourth wall day at the Facility, when we can invite other people to test out muses and also let all our other muses run wild (and my god, do Lelouch and Lain ever want some time out in the open. Their only real experience is on [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, which I love, but you know. Yeah.)

Speaking of which; DANI!! If you're looking at this, come jump on this 4th wall breaking day(s) on the 11th and 12th of this month at the Facility for fun and lolz! I miss yooooou! D8

Nemo's Yuuko muse is starting to eat his brain alive. It's seriously weird. It's all he's been talking about recently.

Next test is "haunting" with loads of ghosts from the character's pasts coming back to cause much angst and lols.

Now I'm gonna go play a card game with bored looking Nena.

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I'm gonna’ make you, take you, face you, shake you right down to the dance floor~

Yeah yeah, I know, Nena's already done a journal with these lyrics. *shrug* Can't help it if they're in my head. It's a damn catchy song. It also may be converting me to BBLL. Oh deary.
I thought my only pairing was MmN

Oh well.

Two lessons cancled today due to English teachers not being here. Like at all. Nena's gone home due to this, as she has no more lessons. I'm suck here (with Nemo for company, thank god) waiting for effing psychology. Which I have nooooo motivation for right now.

I have issues with that motivation thing >>;;;

I promise I will eventually have pictures of the expo from... May... up on here. God only knows when.

There's something torturous about Thursdays. You KNOW the manga chapters are out, they're being scanlated as you type, but... THEY'RE NOT HAPPENING FAST ENOUGH DDD8 Maybe that's just my dorkyness. In truth, the manga I really look forward to only come out sparodically. Stuff from CLAMP like Holic and Tsubasa, or monthlys like Kuroshitsuji (which had an EPIC recent chapter) and FMA ("It's not like they have tanks" LOL. OH JUST LOL.), or even the ones that HAVE NO RELEASE SCHEDUAL AT ALL D8 like Loveless, Deadman Wonderland, Dogs-Bullets and Carnage and Alive! The Final Evolution.

Oh, and those on hiatus like D. fucking Gray-man. >>;;; Seriously. I'm gonna snap.

I take refuge in the wonders of crossover fanfiction (Finally finished that list you sent me, Dani, thank you so muuuuch!! <3 <3 <3)

Ack, how did my train of thought jump from that to Uzumaki (easily the most terrifying manga I've ever read. THE SPIRALS ARE EVERYWHERE OH GOD ON MY HANDS AND IN MY EARS AND MY FUCKING DNA AND SNAILS AND HAIR AND CLOUDS AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!)

Oh sweet lord, Uzumaki crossovers.


I wonder if this will beat Nemo's in terms of length? Doubtful, he is a Master Waffler.

DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES?! Yeah we like waffles!!
DO YOU LIKE PANCAKES?! Yeah we like pancakes!!
DO YOU LIKE FRENCH TOAST?! YEAH we like french toast!

... Yeah. Right.

Facility's going well, there looks to be more angst for our dear blond vampire friend, Fai. See, there's gonna be this brawl... and Sakura... well.

You can guess the rest.

I don't read as much manga as Nemo thinks I do, really. Looking at the list on Onemanga, i read hardly any in comparison.

Though is there anything wrong with wanting to have a wider field of reference? I can't call something the "best ever" until I've looked around a little more. It is because of this that I came out of my childish opinion that my first proper anime (I don't count the dubs I watched on TV as a kid, really. Those were butchered beyond all recognition. Cardcaptors... *shudder jerk*) was the best anime ever.

That anime was "Naruto".

Oh geez, have I EVER learned.

In other news, I'm never going to get Nemo off my back ever since I was ill in quite a nasty way due to being tired. The guy sure has an irritating, motherly way of showing he cares.

Ah well, I've put up with it for this long. <3 Neemz. AND I WILL CALL YOU NEEMZ HAHAH.

... Shiiit I have nothing to do until 3:15 apart from sit here and write this entry. Oh god.

Kay, um, list of stuff I'm currently downloading:

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, First season, because my sister was curious.
Code Geass: Lelouche of the Rebellion R2, because... Spinzaku and Zero Requiem. That is all. Wait wait, and Nunnally's scream at the end. My sadistic soul wants that.
Origin: Spirit of the Past, Beautiful movie, great soundtrack that gets stuck in my head like- GODDAMNIT.
Latest Bleach episode, I forget where we're up to. I think it's like 225?

Stuff I've been asked to download:
FMA first anime series, for Nena, who's been asked by Madi in the Facility (mun of Al) to be her Edward. Personally, I think she could pull it off great. Hehehe I picture him and Naruto getting into fights like CONSTANTLY.

Speaking of which, I'm gonna put in my app for Kusuri-uri this week. Introduce him to Facility 1 rather than Facility 3, as fun as hunting the bandits with Otherside would be.

Geez this is going to have a lot of tags.

And thus I shall sign off, probably not having beat Nemo's epic post. LOVE TO ALL MY FRIENDS FROM THE RP AND RL <3



Mar. 22nd, 2009 12:47 pm
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In other news, I joined the awesome and kick ass Facility RP. Because. Yes. [livejournal.com profile] a_facility Cross is not happy to be there, but I'm going to gleefully watch his suffering. At least he gets to torment Allen some more. <3

Speaking of which, the latest DGM chapter has left me with some questions too. Who the hell are this "Crow" group anyway? And how is one of them able to TAKE DOWN A GODDAMN LVL 3 ON HIS OWN WHEN EXORCISTS COULDN'T?! ASDGFHGKADGSDFG WHUUUUUT.

... whut.

Feb. 5th, 2009 12:11 pm
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Hold on, wait. WHAT.

Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles Chapter 212 SPOILERS BEWARE )

Okay, rant over now.

Really quite miffed that apps are closed in Enlev, seeing as I am simply ITCHING to app more charas. I have an icon set built up for Rena already, just need to get my hands on some yummy Cross stuffs now. Demyx-mun really wants me to app a KH char, so I may well do Sora...

Argh how the heck do I keep up with this crap?!
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The mind reels.


I have two essays screaming at me to be done, but I can barely summon up the will to live right now much less the will tog et any work done. My RP is dying; it seems like people are dropping left right and center. We only have a few dedicated RPers now, and though I love and cherish all of those, it's getting rather worrying. People are playing four characters at a time, which can't be easy (though there is an encouraging amount of people app-ing FF7 chars.) and I can't think of any that I want to play other than Kusuri-uri. And by that I mean that the ones I do want are already taken.

Just... Aaaarrrrrgh.

In other, non-related news, Good Omens now owns my immortal soul. More specifically, Aziraphale and Crowley own my immortal soul and so does anything involving them. I crave good fanfiction for them. An Adam is fine too.

Neeeeeed to scaaaaaaaan some of my dooooodles before Cossette-mun gets cross with me. XD



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