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Spent all day lazing about the house because I have a cold. Feeling much better by the end of the day. However, I have been EATEN ALIVE by bugs. They must have come inside to escape the encroaching cold but did they have to give me 9 BUG BITES?!

They itch like hell.

One of them is on my hand so whenever I brush against anything it ITCHES.


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Spend all afternoon dere-ing with Cande over silly bbBermuda things but all the same I think I'm going to end up art-dumping this crazy stuff that I have in my head because too cuuuuuute so much babydere.

In other news I managed to sprain my hand while ice skating on Monday. Bravo me, bravo. It hurts like a bitch and now on top of it all I've caught a cold and my stomach's cramping like hell because clearly my body has decided to time that just because it hates me. Well fuck you body, I just ate three packets of crisps today, deal with THAT salt intake. HAH.

In other other news I raised my eyebrows at this today because what, Germany, you're only now paying off that debt you have to France and England and America? It's 92 years on, man, holy shit. People can't we just let it go geez. Oh well, just in time for Oktoberfest.

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Just been running a fever for the past 12 hours.

Slept through it for the most part, shivering and mildly tripping out all the way. I think it's broken now, or at least subsided. On the downside, it's 2:15 am and I've slept through the whole day so... yeah, really awake now. :|

/watches Mythbusters marathon instead

Yep, sick.

May. 19th, 2010 11:50 am
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Firstly, I am deeply sorry for making you drive all the way to my house only to find that I'm bunking off college due to sickness. But I don't think you want my germs before expo.

Secondly, I hate you for linking me to the kink meme the other day, because I've just completed my 14th fill in a week. And no, I'm not going to de-anon all of them. Sweet monkey Christ I need a life.

And finally... new FT goes up tonight and you are not going to like me.

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I'm coming down with a cold.

Symptom 1: Burning at the back of the throat.
Symptom 2: Heavy feeling in head.
Symptom 3: Abrubt tiredness way earlier than usual.
Symptom 4: Heavy nosebleed.

This better go away in time for Expo, or I swear to god I am going to hit something.

Maybe I can explain it away as recession or something, since I'm going as England and everything...

Waaa. ;-;

Also omg two weeks until the end of college and it cannot come fast enough.



Apr. 10th, 2010 04:24 am
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4:20 am

Up for work in two hours.

Still in crippling pain from stomach cramps.

Taken four pain killers and it still won't stop.

feeling the burn


Think I'm gonna be sick.

ETA: Was sick, feel much better now, the morning after. Had to skip work though.


Mar. 27th, 2010 07:16 pm
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So my cough has turned into an infection that has turned into labrynthitis, which sucks a lot. You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby round round right round.

Lucky for me it's only minor and occasional bouts that happen when I get up too fast or if I start coughing too hard or, I dunno, stick my finger in my ear like the forgetful div I am.

So anyway, I can't be the only one noticing how much Himaruya-sensei has been drawing lately. Not to say he should stop. Hell no, he needs to have free time more often.

The Russia pic in particular made me squee, but I'm such a biased fangirl I don't even. /makes a wallpaper out of it anyway.

Oh yeah and here's some Arthur/Maya I drew and then coloured a week ago.

Warning; big file, slight nudity and imperialism. )

Edit: Russia background for your enjoyment, da? (warning, file size is big like Siberia)
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Well, damn.

Kishi, why can't you let Sakura just kill the little bugger? Why'd you have to pull this stupid stunt with Kakashi?

He's gonna die, isn't he.

Kakashi that is.

Not Sasuke, oh no, not when he's still Kishimoto's favourite. Though he seems to have inherited his brother's crazy face, which might be a ray of hope that perhaps Kishi's remembered the manga's title is called NARUTO.

Or, you know, maybe not.

Holic was sort of interesting this week. I think I've heard of a creature that has super long hair and cries pearls, but wasn't that a yukionna? And this one... isn't? Whatever, it's CLAMP, they can screw with our minds if they want.

Nothing else out this week. Bleach is... fucking with everyone's head, thanks Aizen. Hasn't reached CLAMP levels yet though. But that was last week's chapter, there's not another out until next week.

I'm sick again as well, goddamn it.


Jan. 13th, 2010 01:51 am
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I am not.

Repeat; not.

Looking forward to waking up tomorrow.

Because it is 2:00am now, and I'm still in the midst of coughing fits. I cannot sleep. I have to be up at 8am. Pretty sure I'm keeping the whole house up with me. I can't cough quietly.


FML right now.

ETA: ...

Lost the hearing in my left ear.

Just now.



Dec. 19th, 2009 10:15 pm
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Sick before we can even start my party.

I blame that chicken noodle soup I had for lunch.

Shaking so hard I can't type.
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I hate being sick.


Even if it did mean a day off college, I was miserable. My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool and my stomach can't decide whether it wants to be ravenous or nauseous.

Spelling and grammar appear to have gone out the window also, since I just retyped that sentence 5 times.

Tried to cheer myself up with Hetalia and Good Omens fics. Mostly worked, until I found that one, really seriously depressing G.O. fic about what would have happened had Aziraphale been the one to fall and Crowley stayed an angel.

Sweet monkey king, Zirah is the scariest mofo you will ever meet. This writer described him so well I could practically feeeeeeel him smiling at me over my shoulder with those empty, cold, dead blue eyes, have some tea, there's a good girl, don't mind the lead piping, that's just in case the arsenic didn't work.


Freaked my sister out with coming up behind her making "The Grudge" sounds. Easily done when one's throat is akin to sandpaper.


Should stop thinking about things like this in the dark.


He's a damn sexy bastard too, stupid kinky scarf coming in useful in doujin.

Hope to be back at college tomorrow, but won't count on it. Still feeling miserable with no improvement, and I fear that I may have Nena's bug, which got her violently puking everywhere.


'Night all.

Bored now.

Jul. 9th, 2009 01:08 pm
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Last full day of college, and I have conjunctivitus. Ow.

Seriously, wtf life. That's just not fair... summer's coming up and everything! D8

Argh, don't want to come in tomorrow, it's just going to be pointless lessons in which I will learn nothing and eat lots of cake. ...

Although. Cake.

Ahem, moving on. I really can't wait for fourth wall day at the Facility, when we can invite other people to test out muses and also let all our other muses run wild (and my god, do Lelouch and Lain ever want some time out in the open. Their only real experience is on [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun, which I love, but you know. Yeah.)

Speaking of which; DANI!! If you're looking at this, come jump on this 4th wall breaking day(s) on the 11th and 12th of this month at the Facility for fun and lolz! I miss yooooou! D8

Nemo's Yuuko muse is starting to eat his brain alive. It's seriously weird. It's all he's been talking about recently.

Next test is "haunting" with loads of ghosts from the character's pasts coming back to cause much angst and lols.

Now I'm gonna go play a card game with bored looking Nena.



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