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So I was at work today, doin' my usual thing, when these two little girls come in. They had to be about 8-9 and they were soaking wet from the rain despite having their brollies. They spent about 10 minutes wandering around the shop, until I went up and asked what they were looking for. They asked where the cake and baking stuff was, so I took them there. A lot of it is on the top shelf, so I helped them get the brownie mixture down, and let them off the 10p short they were for it.

"Wow, it makes 16 brownies!" said one of the girls. "We'll never eat all that!"

"I'll take one off your hands for you." I laughed. I make this kind of joke all the time with customers who say they're buying too much.

The girls suddenly grin at me. "Okay! We'll bring you one!"

"Hey hey, I was joking, you don't have to do that." I said back, feeling a bit silly now. They were only little kids, I felt bad asking for one of their brownies. "I'm only here til 6 anyway, I'll probably be home when you're done."

"I'll bring you one anyway!" the girl insisted. "Bye!"

So I went back to work and forgot about it, assuming I'd never see hide nor hair of them again.

5:30pm, and the door opened. It was one of the girls, holding a little white bag. "I brought you one! It's nice and fresh."

I could have cried, it was so nice of her. After all the moody looks, the rude customers, the thieving teenagers, this one little girl made me feel appreciated and happy to work where I do. It's possibly the sweetest thing I've ever had a stranger do for me. ;u; I grinned like an idiot for the rest of the shift. And even though the edges were a little burned, it was the best brownie I've ever eaten.

This story may be too long to fit on GivesMeHope.com
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More Tales from Behind the Till )


It is absolutely tipping it down outside and I got very wet coming home because I was a stupid bint and wore my summer shoes. They are very un-waterproof and now my feet are wet and cold, but it's okay because I have the extra blanket on my duvet and Kumajiro sitting on my feet.

Please don't ask why I have a life-sized baby polar bear plushie.

That story is long and involves the shattering of childhood illusions of Santa being real.

My pirate hat for Iggy came today! I already have the feathers from Hobbycraft so it's going to look awesomesauce when I get around to attaching them properly.

I was looking at the miserable golfers on the front of the papers at work, standing under brollies because it's raining in Wales. All I can say to that is that they're morons for holding an outdoor event in the rainiest country that doesn't have a rainforest. It's Wales. It is always raining in Wales.

The world is full of silly people and I get to watch them on TV.
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Spent all day lazing about the house because I have a cold. Feeling much better by the end of the day. However, I have been EATEN ALIVE by bugs. They must have come inside to escape the encroaching cold but did they have to give me 9 BUG BITES?!

They itch like hell.

One of them is on my hand so whenever I brush against anything it ITCHES.


Day 21 – Another moment )

Day 22 – Something that upsets you )
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So I pulled an all nighter, considering that I was running on EST instead of GMT by complete accident, and figured that I'd turn up for work running on the idea that it'd be something like 10pm in the evening, as far as my sleep pattern knew.

I walk to work in the really chilly air, and what do I find?

Nothing, that's what I find.

The shop is dark and locked up. I find Amanda, poor stressed, tired looking Amanda, sitting on a pile of cardboard boxes in her PJs and a hoodie.

"What the heck?" I ask, squinting through the dark.

"No power." she says miserably. "The electricity is gone."

I find this odd, since I was only a few moments previously in my own room talking to [livejournal.com profile] lovelylurker on my laptop with no such power problems.

"I phoned the company, they said it was a wire underground, one that controls this shop, the house above it, and the leisure centre next door. None of us three have power." she sighs. "Also we have four hours until the fridge is no longer a fridge but a cupboard, and three hours until we can no longer sell the meat. I've been here since 3am trying to fix it."

"Bugger." I say. "This is really gonna blow isn't it."

At that moment, with a screech of tires Craig appears around the corner in his little car. He jumps out, seemingly aware that he's late, and sees us two staring at him. "Uh, what?"

We explain to him the situation.

"Bugger." he says, lighting up a ciggie for us all to passively kill ourselves on. "Shall I go get something from Greggs?"

In the end we traded turns at talking with the electricity guys, telling customers to sod off (at least until I got tired of being yelled at and put up a sign, listening to the varying levels of irritation that can be put into the single syllable "oh") and reading the newspapers that we couldn't sell.

Now I'm going to bed because bugger this world I am tiiiiired.
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So Amanda was trying to get into the warehouse of the shop but there was a lady with her shopping trolley in the way. She didn't seem to hear her when she asked her to move, and Amanda made an over-exaggerated shrugging motion at me on the till. I did one back, even more exaggerated. This somehow deteriorated into making faces at each other while the lady had moved on completely.

We are so mature guys.

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Sep. 22nd, 2010 11:55 am
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So I'm sitting having my break. Eating a yogurt with reckless abandon when I realise that I fancy a cup of tea. I turn the kettle on, pour the hot water into the mug with the tea bag, press it against the side and throw the bag in the bin, add two sugars and then...

... and then...

Dun dun duuuun! )

[S] Fail

Sep. 17th, 2010 11:21 pm
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Pidge: Post influential chapter of Family Ties

Well that was silly. You don't know why you're so nervous. Because it's uncharted territory? Because people keep saying they'll leave? Should you really care about such things?

Pidge: Man up and do a meme.

Stopping all these Homestuck injokes would be good too.

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Day 09 – Your beliefs )

Hahaha wow.

Sep. 7th, 2010 10:43 pm
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Okay, I'm sure you're all aware of how insane my workplace is, flist.

Story under here. )


/goes to write FT
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Let me tell you a little story about my day at work.

Cut to save your flists. )
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I have come to realise today that the place where I work is insane. Either there is something in the air, or maybe in the water, or maybe it's the long hours for little pay and the unforgiving, unrelenting waves of customer after unreasonable customer. Either way, each of us has developed some kind of tic or is mad in some way.

My boss, Amanda, for example. At any point in a conversation or even a sentence, she will randomly start speaking in a Jamaican accent. Today, she barked at me. And everyone else. This is not the first time.

Craig, the deputy manager, headbangs to music nobody else can hear, and looks confused when you ask him why.

Slainey will come around corners with the stock trolley faster than any person should, usually while riding the bloody thing.

Stuart named the stapler. Her name is Beatrice.*

Phil, the baker, spent a long time in a grump because someone threw away his old oven mitt (called Barry). It had a hole in it. He was displeased regardless. Ali, our newer baker, tried to comfort him, to little success.**

Alex will babble to himself and others in Romanian until he remembers we are in England and nobody speaks that language. And nor does he.

Dave will pull plastic bags off the rack and open them, going through until they're all gone, and then make a pile.

Glenys must always be on till 02. She just doesn't go on till 01. Ever. You don't want to force her to do it.

And in the midst of all this, I thought I was an island of sanity, until I caught myself trying to marry a pair of pliers called Fred to Beatrice the stapler.

I've officially lost my mind.

I didn't stop laughing for a whole ten minutes. Stuart simply shrugged at the customers. Then Slainey nearly bowled someone over with a trolley and my hysterics were forgotten.

* This is a common trait, naming things. Slainey's trolly is called Trevor.

** This is because Ali is an innocent and pure snowflake and Phil, Stuart and I have decided that in another life she was a puppy. She must be protected from the crazy.


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