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Title: Vincere IV

Characters: Albion, Rome, Alba, Eire, Cymru, Saxony,

Rating: 15

Warnings: Depressingness, medieval history, suicidal notions, Arthurian legend creeping in.

Summary: What are you meant to do if even your family can't keep a promise to save you?

Back to this after so long! Haha. )
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Okay, so you've all noticed how I've been calling bb!Scotland "Scotia", correct? Well I've been doing more research, and it seems like what's coming up more often is "Alba". As such, I've gone and changed it in both Family Ties and in the Vincere series. Not a massive change, I know, but I like to keep my stuff accurate.

Just so everyone knows. ^^

PS: Thanks to everyone who reads my stuff! They're not perfect, but I appreciate your comments and information! I am by no means an omnipotent author!


May. 27th, 2010 01:25 pm
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Title: Còmhraig

Characters: Ierna, Boudicca, Rome, Albion, Cymru, Eire, Alba.

Rating: 15

Warnings: Rape, violence, muddy ancient history, naked Celtic people.

Summary: Prequel to Vincere, the tale of Ancient Britain's last stand.

You can blame this on the old Horrible History magazines I found in the attic the other day. )
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Title: Brittannica

Characters: Mama Ierna (Ancient Britian), Alba, Eire, Cymru, Albion, Mama Iberia, Lusitia (bbPort)

Rating: PG

Warnings: Seriously obscure, old, murky ancient history. And bb Nations that rot teeth.

Summary: Once upon a time, before there were empires or ships that sail the seven seas, or established borders, there was a family.

orz I can't stop writing them you guuuuuuys. )
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Title: Vincere III

Characters: Albion, Cymru, Rome, Alba, Eire

Rating: 15

Warnings: General depressingness, horrific implications, dysfunctional families, Latin swears?

Summary: What are you meant to do if even your family can't keep a promise to save you?

I kind of love writing this fucked up family don't I? )
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Title: Vincere II

Characters: Albion, Rome, Alba, Cymru, Gallia, Gaul, Iberia, Mama!Greece and Mama!Egypt.

Rating: 18. Hard R.

Warnings: Implications of child abuse and molestation, gore, Rome pimping the shit out of Western Europe and the Mediterranean, Stockholm syndrome.

Summary: What are you meant to do if even your family can't keep a promise to save you?

Holy shiznit when did it get to be 2:15am? )
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Title: Vincere

Characters: British Isles Sibs, Rome.

Rating: 12

Warnings: Scotland's potty mouth.

Summary: In a dark forest in the south of the British Isles, four children try to escape inevitability.

This is so not to do with me procrastinating on my Coursework or anything. )


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