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What has Pidge been doing? What Pidge always does when she's stressed!


This post was brought to you by the letter H, for Hetalia and Homestuck )


Mar. 24th, 2011 03:36 pm
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Okay so.

Thank you everyone who gave me kind words yesterday. You guys are awesome. Even those who don't usually comment... I feel so loved. ;u;

Here's the plan: to get where I need to go, I need to turn one of my Cs into a B. This is impossible for English Language, but totally possible for RS. Thus, I am going to resit my RS Exam one more time (もう一回、もう一回 /「私は今日も転がります!」と,) and get that grade.






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I'm going to Oxford.

No wait let me say that again properly.




Mar. 5th, 2011 06:20 am
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It's 6am and I haven't slept a wink. I have work at 10am-2pm, then jogging with Nena at 3:30pm, then another shift at 6pm-10pm.

Granted, I managed to sleep 14 hours- last night? Yesterday? From 12:30am until 4:30pm, either way. However, I don't think it's going to be enough to get me through the day, as busy as it is. You can bet your ass I'm going to come in at 10pm and fall straight in to bed, that's for sure.

And probably sleep for 14 hours again aaaaarrrghh.

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Yeah so I'm basically not progressing anywhere with the next chapter of MM since I'm so tired, and thus... I'm gonna spam y'all with some adorable and awesome shit I keep finding for Hetalia!

If the images won't load for you, click the ☆ to go to their direct page.

Comics/4koma etc section. )

Just plain old awesome pictures. )

Okay, that's enough for now.
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Pidge: Stare at new update.

You do. Your stare is hardly as unnerving as certain inspectors may be, but you stare none the less. You take your glasses off and wipe them, then putting them back on. No matter how you tilt your monitor, it would seem that the text stays the same.

Is this... smut-fic?

In your Homestuck?

It's (apparently) more likely than you think.

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Feb. 1st, 2011 12:33 am
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So I was having a conversation with some folks and found that estimations of where Wales was on a map were wildly inaccurate. Now far be it from me to accuse folks of not knowing their geography; I couldn't find Bosnia on a map if you paid me. Still, the only thing that came to mind was this:

Rest under cut. )


Jan. 14th, 2011 09:53 pm
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Urgh I FINALLY finished writing my practice essay to standards I wanted myself to achieve. I hate doing things without a deadline, it just means I look at it and then go back and keep deleting it and starting again until it's "perfect" and it still isn't. Fml.

Oh well, moar meme time.

Regional Dialect Meme )
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1: Copy and paste this meme.
2: Make the things that you're suffering from in italics.
3: ???
4: Profit!

You know you're in exam lockdown mode when:
- There's a stack of plates and pizza boxes somewhere in your room.
- Several cups of tea or coffee sit cold and unfinished because you finally got on a roll with understanding something.
- You haven't hoovered in weeks.
- Even the dog starts avoiding your room.

- You can't remember the sound of birdsong.
- You close your eyes you see flashcards with names on them.
- You can't remember the colour of your desk, there have been so many books and papers in the way for so long.

- There are still Christmas decorations in your room.
- You have consumed absolutely nothing of nutritional value in a week.
- You start dreaming in textbook quotes.
- All your lightbulbs have died save one, but rather than go out and get new ones, you just move the one lamp around the room as needed.
- You only venture out to get more sticky notes.
- You acquire a desperate need to get sticky notes if you run out.
- Every surface is covered with sticky notes.
- Even the toilet has a note on the lid.

- You only remember to wash when you scratch your head in confusion and your hand gets stuck.
- Time begins to lose all meaning for you, blending into one long mess with the exam at the end of it.
- You find eating to be a chore, especially if you have to make the food yourself, hence the pizza boxes.

- You catch yourself muttering things like "Audience, Purpose, Context, Tone" or "Introduction, Argument one, Argument two, Argument three, discussion throughout, summary".
- There is literally nothing on your calendar after the exam date, and you're not sure what happens afterwards.
- Your internet has never accessed wikipedia so often in such a short space of time.

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Request: Could you tell us New Zealand's gender? Boy or girl?
Reply: Mmm, I wonder which...



Though confirmed Brit Brows ftw.
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PIDGE has grown to LEVEL 19

PIDGE is trying to learn the move "RESPONSIBILITY"

But she already has four moves!
|FIC WRITING                RP SKILLZ            |
|                                                               |

Delete a move to learn "RESPONSIBILITY"?



PIDGE did not learn the move "RESPONSIBILITY"
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First I get up at arse-o'clock to go to Chichester after being held hostage to RP until 3am last night, all so I can have a 20 minute breakfast with Nena in a restaurant which admittedly does serve excellent pancakes, but has no heating.

But Nena is forgiven because she is a squish and clearly having a derp day. Omnomnom lipstick.

Then I finally get home (stupid irregular bus service) and relax for a few hours before my sister reveals that she's gotten changed into pajamas and "oh, now I can't take grandma's dog back home can you do it for me" even though she was asked to do that three hours ago. "Oh but I'm making dinner now." Well you weren't making dinner three hours ago you layabout little pretentious... so then I had to run the dog to grandma's at lightning speed because work started at 6 and it was like 5:30 when she told me argh.

And then I get to work and derp about with Holly (FOUR HUNDRED BABIES) for four hours before we discover there's a new locking mechanism on the door that nobody explained to us how it works so we nearly set the alarms off again before we figured it out.

And now I'm doing her shift for her, on top of my own, tomorrow. That's okay though, because it's her birthday tomorrow and she works too much anyway.

Which means I'll be working 2pm-10pm sob sob sob. Sorry Cande, I probably won't be able to chat with you. ;n;

Speaking of which it's my birthday in 4 days and I haven't thought of anything to do. 8D;; The day is free, so. Uh. Any ideas guys?


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