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Depends on how successful they were. If it failed, and they lost money, I would know not to ever publish that plot.

If they got rich...

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A Bird of very Little Brain: The life and times of a denizen of the internet.
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Pay me a million pounds and we'll see. B|

And yes, I get withdrawal after a few days without internet. It sucks.

Anyway! I'm making Christmas presents for everyone in the form of friendship bracelets!

Here is a link to all the colours I have, so pick anywhere between 2 and 7, and I'll get cracking making them!

Put your picks of colours (from 2 and 7 please!) in the comments, and then PM/IM me your address and I'll send them! \o/ And it shall be a happy Christmas for all!
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It's going to be pigeon, isn't it. B|

No use denying it.

But damn if that thing won't dive-bomb the shit out of you.
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Disney in general taught me how to talk. :| But the biggest contenders were:

This got longer than I expected. Ignore my rambling. )

Yeah, my childhood was so normal you guys. orz
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Mad, nonsensical, sarcastic, dead-baby comedy. :|
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We're kind of weird in England in that, unlike all the other popular and "big" countries in the world, we never needed to declare independence because more often than not we were off enslaving adding to the harem rapidly and brutally colonising conquering other countries.

We have St George's day which is an understated affair. >> To put it mildly. Most people don't notice it exists.

Though Nena is going to drag me across the channel to the continent to see France's Bastille Day, which should be fun and laughs. WORLD'S BIGGEST PICNIC 8DDDD And the Eiffel Tower, ohohohon.

Oh yeah, and a little rant coming your way, flist. Move on if you are uninterested in my personal life.~

tl;dr, I hate bureaucracy. )
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*clears throat*


Animals do not care what the hell you call the relationship between you and them. A dog or a cat will not give a name to it because they don't think in words.

I dunno, stuff like this just irritates me, my grandma being a dog trainer. Dogs are not meant to be equal with humans. They do not do the equality thing, if anything it makes them uncomfortable. They think in hierarchies. Whoever is "pack leader" is in charge, and then you have the scale all the way down to the bottom. And if you want an obedient dog, you have to make yourself "pack leader". And with the resposability of looking after the rest of the "pack" off their back, the dog will relax and let the leader take the... well, the lead. In both senses of the word.

Idk if it applies to cats; I've never owned one, but they seem kind of aloof anyway and couldn't give a toss what you called them as long as there was dinner and hugs involved in it.


In other news, I've done my knee in and it hurts like a bitch.
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Mum: You can't just stay up and talk to people on the other side of the world all night, it's utter madness!
Me: Madness.... *turns around in her chair* THIS. IS. LJ!
Mum: ... what.
Me: Just go to bed mum.

Of course, there's the obligitory load of people from America that I've become rather close with (holla!), and while I have no idea if they consider me a friend in return, I've become quite chummy with people in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Canada, France, Germany and Japan.

On the matter of whether I'll ever meet them, well, we're all so spread out and there's so many I'll probably never be able to, but if there was some kind of magical event wherein we did all meet, it'd be awesome.

Though fuck timezones man. They suck a big meaty one, geez. GMT means that I'm either keeping other people up (something I feel horrifically guilty about) or staying up late for everyone else (West Coast America time zones are my enemy. Though I love everyone on them.)

That's the issue though; if you've never met someone face to face, can you really say you're friends? I'd like to think so, but what are your opinions on the matter, guys?

Ah, I don't care, I love you all regardless. I count it as friendship even if it's one-sided.
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Well there'd be the initial reaction of "omg omg YOU CUT OFF THE HAIR." To which I'd go "Yes, it's much easier to turn my head. And btw sitting on your hair actually hurts like a bitch and will also take another four years of waiting so don't hold out much hope."

Then there'd be the moment of "Shit the acne really does get worse doesn't it." And I hang my head and go "for god's sake don't wait until you're 15 to go get those pills just do it now."

But then there would be the glee of "YOU CAN ACTUALLY DRAW NOW YAAAAAY!" and me going "Yeppers, but have fun with the six years of utter shit. 8D Also fanfiction will consume your life but you'll never regret it because you'll make some awesome friends that way."

And after all that we would sit down together and I would buy her fanta ("omg you have money!" "And a job, which doesn't suck as much as you'd think") And I'd tell her to just give up on the Naruto filler before it even happens and that slapping Katie W. will be the most satisfying thing you'll do until your first kiss. Also, don't talk to Peter D. He's a creepy freak.

And then a hug. A big hug. And assurance that eventually the bullies will run out of original taunts.


I'm so glad that school is over and I never have to do it again.

/goes to work
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"Walk me bitch." :|

Or something like "hey master, hey, hey, master, hey! PLAY WITH MEEEEEE! Look! Look at my adorable eyes, don't you want to play with me? Yeah that's right, feel the guilt. Plaaaaaaaaaay with meeeeeeeee."

6:30 = "Food. Food? Is that food? Food for me? Food? Food. Fooooooood. Food please? FOOD! Maybe if I stare at you for long enough you will turn into food. Oh hey, that's food! That's food for me! Yaaaaay!.... There's no chicken/cheese/potatoes mashed up in this. I refuse to eat this slop." *walks off*
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Sleep is far too valuable.

The only thing that will make me get up in the morning is a bacon sandwich, with no fat on it.

And even then I'll only slope downstairs and then go back to bed.

I really like sleeping okay.

Don't judge me.
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I'd get everyone of my friends and family, not tell them I was going to die, and have a crap load of fun.

And chinese.

Then, juuuust before I die, I'd tell everyone I love them, then leave the room, go to my computer, write a last post and
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Only occasionally. Even then, I usually don't stop. But there's a reason why 99% of my drawings don't end up on the net, even if I think they're good. I don't worry about how people will react... because I don't show them. I'm such a lurker. XD

If I'm doing a request though, I'll try extra hard to do it to their tastes. :]

Though there are times when I'm writing something or drawing something and I get up and come back to it later and I'm like wtf brain. But that's only at 2am etc.
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I would have to say Mr Bryant, my old English teacher for GCSE level at school. I think it was the first time I've ever properly fancied a teacher. He was funny, managed to make Lord of the Flies relatively interesting, doodled on my revision notes, had awesome hair, sat on my desk (thank you god for giving me the intuition to sit up front!) and made me genuinely interested in English.

I got an A* in his subject. My only one.


More stuff, to do with my life. ~ )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]"Again" by Yui.

For the love of god, I play that thing too often for it to be healthy. And I still love it. 208 plays later. >>;;

Cut for length because WOAH I GOT CARRIED AWAY. )
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Variety and stuff. <3 Also, chow mein.
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I'd like to think not, nobody likes to be told they're being fake, but if I'm perfectly honest, I am. I'm braver online, because I don't feel so different from the other people who are most likely also sitting in a darkened room in front of their computers. I feel exotic as well, because I'm English and so often the american userbase of the internet finds me interesting because of this.

I'm not afraid of anyone online, because it's so easy to remove myself from them. Switch off the computer, and it's over. Easy as. I can be whoever I want in the meantime. Cocky, arrogant and nasty, or maybe sweet, kind, and gentle. I could be smart, verbose, cold. It's fun; I usually do it in RPs on LJ and stuff like that.

Haha, I've rambled, and I've gotta go catch the bus home, but this was kind of fun. Ciao!


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