Jan. 14th, 2011

hellzabeth: (>Konata: ah well you see)
1: Copy and paste this meme.
2: Make the things that you're suffering from in italics.
3: ???
4: Profit!

You know you're in exam lockdown mode when:
- There's a stack of plates and pizza boxes somewhere in your room.
- Several cups of tea or coffee sit cold and unfinished because you finally got on a roll with understanding something.
- You haven't hoovered in weeks.
- Even the dog starts avoiding your room.

- You can't remember the sound of birdsong.
- You close your eyes you see flashcards with names on them.
- You can't remember the colour of your desk, there have been so many books and papers in the way for so long.

- There are still Christmas decorations in your room.
- You have consumed absolutely nothing of nutritional value in a week.
- You start dreaming in textbook quotes.
- All your lightbulbs have died save one, but rather than go out and get new ones, you just move the one lamp around the room as needed.
- You only venture out to get more sticky notes.
- You acquire a desperate need to get sticky notes if you run out.
- Every surface is covered with sticky notes.
- Even the toilet has a note on the lid.

- You only remember to wash when you scratch your head in confusion and your hand gets stuck.
- Time begins to lose all meaning for you, blending into one long mess with the exam at the end of it.
- You find eating to be a chore, especially if you have to make the food yourself, hence the pizza boxes.

- You catch yourself muttering things like "Audience, Purpose, Context, Tone" or "Introduction, Argument one, Argument two, Argument three, discussion throughout, summary".
- There is literally nothing on your calendar after the exam date, and you're not sure what happens afterwards.
- Your internet has never accessed wikipedia so often in such a short space of time.



Jan. 14th, 2011 09:53 pm
hellzabeth: (>Konata: brain capacity overload)
Urgh I FINALLY finished writing my practice essay to standards I wanted myself to achieve. I hate doing things without a deadline, it just means I look at it and then go back and keep deleting it and starting again until it's "perfect" and it still isn't. Fml.

Oh well, moar meme time.

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