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Good lord. And I've omitted all of the super-crap ones as well.

I did get some blank paper eventually, but by that time most of the good stuff was on lined so I was like FML.

Pity my photobucket.

Now let's hope the images show up. )
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And totes bored while I'm at it. Hence this little thing, typed in the college corridor while waiting on my next class.

Holiday draws ever closer, and with my last class canceled on Thursday, it only seems that much sooner until I'm on that plane to Greece.

Though for some reason *coughRoadtoelDoradocough* I keep thinking "alriiiight... Cuba! 8D" *hits self*

Can't stop drawing Russia/Flowrights stuff. Bad brain bad! They have established pairings already! Stop trying to make them one with Russia! Even if it is really sexy and yandere and NO. BAD BRAIN STOP IIIIIIIIIIIT

Doesn't help that Russia-mun is totally encouraging me.

Must go back to drawing Flowrights/Kuro.

Ho hum, don't have another class for an hour and a half.


This one's for you guys to join in with. A challenge! )
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Spoilers for the end of Tsubasa! )

So yeah, now I'm stuck in college, bored, because even though I could have slept in today, I didn't. *shrug*
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pearlyunicorn1: (02:21:43) Fai sad down next to Yuui on the bed, and after a moment of silent leg-kicking, took Yuui's hand to hold in both of his own. More silence, while Fai tried to force whatever he wanted to say to the top of his throat. Finally, "Yuui? Why is a birthday party so important?"
hellzabeth7: (02:24:02) Yuui blinked at the sudden question, then thought about it. "It's to celebrate that you have life, I suppose." he mused, not really sure on the subject himself. "To say 'I'm glad I'm alive' and give people a chance to say 'I'm glad you're alive too.'" Blonde hair swayed as he nodded, satisfied with that.
pearlyunicorn1: (02:29:21) Fai frowned, his face scrunching up, twisting unhappily, but he turned away, "That's...That's...."
pearlyunicorn1: (02:29:29) He wanted to call it "stupid"
pearlyunicorn1: (02:30:14) ...but couldn't manage to. Yuui must have had so many birthday parties without him. Fai wasn't sure, some days, whether anyone should be happy that he was alive.
hellzabeth7: (02:30:25) (( dude, I need to sleep. It's half past 2 am. XD One more tag~ ))
pearlyunicorn1: (02:30:44) (( I was wondering... ))
hellzabeth7: (02:33:54) Yuui hummed a little tune. "You know, I haven't properly celebrated a birthday before." he added, like it wasn't the most important thing in the world right now. "I wouldn't enjoy it if I couldn't share it with you." He beamed at Fai. "But I guess we could now, if you want. We've still got each other. I'm glad you're alive, Fai, and I'm glad I'm alive too, so I could be with you."
hellzabeth7: (02:34:14) (( and with that cavity inducing statement, I retire to bed ))
pearlyunicorn1: (02:35:26) "I'm...I'm always glad you're alive, Yuui," Fai murmured, a smile touching his face, smoothing away the upset as he leaned over and pressed his face and body against Yuui's side, and sighed happily.

Flowrights, oh Flowrights, why are you so FECKING ADORABLE?!

2:40am. Need. Sleep. And I was intending to get by body clock back to normal as well...

Rain sucks.

Jul. 7th, 2009 02:16 pm
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I can't possibly have forgotten what it was like to have it raining so hard already, can I? Sigh.

Nena's next to me, watching FMA (the first anime, not the second, apparently she's prioritising that way, and plus she doesn't like reading manga online. Blah.) It's kind of weird, since it's up to the exact same point as in the new anime.

So yeah, in other news, getting really quite miffed with how slow Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is downloading, as it's something I haven't watched yet. Suzumiya Haruhi no yuuutsu is doing fine, which is good because Fluff wants to watch it. Mainly because she borrowed my first two volumes of the manga of it. >> Without telling me jack might I add.

I think the weathers making stuff weird, but everyone's in a really bad mood today. I'v been trying to cheer people up as much as I can but I myself am in the mood to do something drastic.

Like kill Jenny Alexander.

I might do it, one day, really, or at the very least I'm going to hit her or something. She could see that Nena wasn't in the mood to work, she was upset, curled up in her chair, but what does she do? Comes over and bugs us. I wanted to punch her in the face so badly. Aparrently I have a weird expression I get when I'm surpressing these urges.

Moving on.

New TRC was kinda cute, huggable in fact. I just wish they'd advance the plot already ><;;; I can't be the only one thinking like that. But no, now they've gone to Paris. PARIS. OF ALL PLACES. *twitch*

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Well, I think I just broke my brain thinking about Tsubasa too long.

Spoilers from Nihon arc onwards: DON'T READ UNTIL YOU FINISH THE SERIES NEMO )
Ack, latest Alive! chapter was a wee bit awesome on Nami's part, even though I dislike her, but I dislike D4 more. >> Also, Yura was lucky as sin to avoid that shot, and then proceeded to almost kick ass. Though what I really want is more of Yukie-mama kicking some serious ass. Mama Bear indeed.

In other news, it's summer! Rejoice! Melt! Despair over lack of money to buy cold nummy delights!

Nena finally scanned my pictures, thank god! Hopefully I'll have them done before the next chapter comes out~ Speaking of which, Nena's hair is also brighter than the weather. I shall never lose her in a crowd again. Seriously, she's like-

... oh god she's like fem!Axel now. With less fire and verbal tics. But attitude wise....

I... I'm going to go to sleep before I mess up my own head any more.

... whut.

Feb. 5th, 2009 12:11 pm
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Hold on, wait. WHAT.

Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles Chapter 212 SPOILERS BEWARE )

Okay, rant over now.

Really quite miffed that apps are closed in Enlev, seeing as I am simply ITCHING to app more charas. I have an icon set built up for Rena already, just need to get my hands on some yummy Cross stuffs now. Demyx-mun really wants me to app a KH char, so I may well do Sora...

Argh how the heck do I keep up with this crap?!


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