Mar. 24th, 2011 03:36 pm
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Okay so.

Thank you everyone who gave me kind words yesterday. You guys are awesome. Even those who don't usually comment... I feel so loved. ;u;

Here's the plan: to get where I need to go, I need to turn one of my Cs into a B. This is impossible for English Language, but totally possible for RS. Thus, I am going to resit my RS Exam one more time (もう一回、もう一回 /「私は今日も転がります!」と,) and get that grade.






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Pidge: Stare at new update.

You do. Your stare is hardly as unnerving as certain inspectors may be, but you stare none the less. You take your glasses off and wipe them, then putting them back on. No matter how you tilt your monitor, it would seem that the text stays the same.

Is this... smut-fic?

In your Homestuck?

It's (apparently) more likely than you think.

====> )


Feb. 1st, 2011 12:33 am
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So I was having a conversation with some folks and found that estimations of where Wales was on a map were wildly inaccurate. Now far be it from me to accuse folks of not knowing their geography; I couldn't find Bosnia on a map if you paid me. Still, the only thing that came to mind was this:

Rest under cut. )
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Dear Oxford Brookes University,

Please tell me what the "conditions" of my acceptance are.

It's driving me crazy.

You said you would.




Jan. 1st, 2011 08:38 pm
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Work was busy. 30 customers lining up outside before we'd even opened the doors. Why do you people need newspapers that badly why.

Wicked was awesome. Seriously, I cried at the end. New favourite musical y/y. *downloads soundtrack like a boss*

I am super tired. I'm going to sleep. 4 hours last night. Maximum 12 hours tonight.

Ciao y'all.


Jan. 1st, 2011 01:26 am
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Man, what a week.

Hetalia Bloodbath was intense man. I don't think I've ever abused the F5 function so much in my life. The poor thing... but it was so much fun! I don't think I've ever seen a comment section fill up so fast in my life. And despite being a mod of CAPTALIA, I didn't really spend much time over there apart from to lurk. It went too fast for me. Still, great fun.

I've been writing all sorts of random crap that I haven't posted and, eh, maybe never will. It's just to keep myself in shape, writing-wise. Next to be updated will be FT, then new Monster Mash, fyi.

Also! I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! If you were on my Plurk you would have seen me being a dork and celebrating (to the extent that I typed the whole of Auld Lang Syne...) and that's why this is a little late to post.... well, for GMT anyway. For you Americans, I have one thing to say...

Greeeetiiiings from the fuuuuutuuuuure...

Here's to 2011!
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- Kokeshi ningyo (Benikasuri, so cute...)
- Lots of chocolate
- Pretty watch
- Pretty necklace
- Pretty hairclips
- All 4 series of Blackadder on DVD
- Moneys. (£40)


All in all quite a good Christmas. Grandma caught me writing Monster Mash (after lunch when all the old folks were having a nap) but I had my headphones on so I didn't notice until she said "ooh, that's quite good" from right next to me. I love my Dad's side of the family. They're much more relaxed and fun than my mum's side. Plus I see them more often because they live in my town. Grandma and Great Gran told my dad off for a homophobic comment he made. It was hilarious, they gave him such a tongue lashing.

Tomorrow's Boxing Day, though, so we're going off to see the other side of the family anyway. It should be fun regardless of slightly stuck up attitudes once Uncle Ian gets drunk. XD
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PIDGE has grown to LEVEL 19

PIDGE is trying to learn the move "RESPONSIBILITY"

But she already has four moves!
|FIC WRITING                RP SKILLZ            |
|                                                               |

Delete a move to learn "RESPONSIBILITY"?



PIDGE did not learn the move "RESPONSIBILITY"
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Since everyone else is taking pictures of the snow outside their windows, I'll throw my bit in!

Unfortunately it's nowhere near was impressive as [livejournal.com profile] vycey_baby or [livejournal.com profile] starrose17's pictures (the former being in Scotland where there is holy shit amounts of snow and the latter being on the North Downs which are higher altitude, while I'm in a little valley, all snug and warm and windy as hell). But, well, it's still snowing, so maybe it'll get better as time goes on.
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I'm so anal about these things idefk.

It's kind of annoying that all my old links to icons and suchlike will be just my default now, but oh well. At least it's all neat and categorised....

Went to Frankie and Benny's all the way up in Chichester today for the sake of some decent pancakes that Nena wanted. Forgot to wear a coat again and fuck did I ever regret it. A hoodie and a t-shirt is not enough to brave 2C with! >A< It wasn't fun at all, especially with the bitter wind, my god.

Oh well, warm now, been working on Monster Mash, all is well so far.
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So I put FT into one massively long Gdoc and did a word count.

Well, I say that, but it's technically two word docs because it was so big that it went over the size limit for Gdocs. I didn't even know Gdocs had a size limit.

The second one is here.

Do you want to know how big it was?

Drumroll please:


127,618 words!

That is without notes, chapter titles or labels. Just pure fic. And this is only up to the current date, Part 94.

The mind, it reels.

Anyway I put the docs on public so y'all can see them. If for some reason you wanted them all in one place. Idk why you would.
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Spend all afternoon dere-ing with Cande over silly bbBermuda things but all the same I think I'm going to end up art-dumping this crazy stuff that I have in my head because too cuuuuuute so much babydere.

In other news I managed to sprain my hand while ice skating on Monday. Bravo me, bravo. It hurts like a bitch and now on top of it all I've caught a cold and my stomach's cramping like hell because clearly my body has decided to time that just because it hates me. Well fuck you body, I just ate three packets of crisps today, deal with THAT salt intake. HAH.

In other other news I raised my eyebrows at this today because what, Germany, you're only now paying off that debt you have to France and England and America? It's 92 years on, man, holy shit. People can't we just let it go geez. Oh well, just in time for Oktoberfest.

Day 19 – Something you regret )

Day 20 – This month )

Hahaha wow.

Sep. 7th, 2010 10:43 pm
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Okay, I'm sure you're all aware of how insane my workplace is, flist.

Story under here. )


/goes to write FT
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So yeah, voice/video post. Ain't that fun? You may have to turn your volume up, it's quiet.

I'm sorry if I didn't include your suggestion! I had 15 minutes of film and Youtube would only take 10 minute long things (though even with the cuts it ended up with 11mins...)

I had quite a bit of fun with this.
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できた! よかった。。。!

Guess who found the feature of how to make your keyboard multilanguage? 8D


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Note to self.

Never try to mainline Homestuck in one sitting ever, ever again.

Shit's got more time paradoxim and clones-being-your-own-father than Tsubasa.


What a headache.

And in other news my exam results will be released in approximately 11 and a half hours AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



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I have come to realise today that the place where I work is insane. Either there is something in the air, or maybe in the water, or maybe it's the long hours for little pay and the unforgiving, unrelenting waves of customer after unreasonable customer. Either way, each of us has developed some kind of tic or is mad in some way.

My boss, Amanda, for example. At any point in a conversation or even a sentence, she will randomly start speaking in a Jamaican accent. Today, she barked at me. And everyone else. This is not the first time.

Craig, the deputy manager, headbangs to music nobody else can hear, and looks confused when you ask him why.

Slainey will come around corners with the stock trolley faster than any person should, usually while riding the bloody thing.

Stuart named the stapler. Her name is Beatrice.*

Phil, the baker, spent a long time in a grump because someone threw away his old oven mitt (called Barry). It had a hole in it. He was displeased regardless. Ali, our newer baker, tried to comfort him, to little success.**

Alex will babble to himself and others in Romanian until he remembers we are in England and nobody speaks that language. And nor does he.

Dave will pull plastic bags off the rack and open them, going through until they're all gone, and then make a pile.

Glenys must always be on till 02. She just doesn't go on till 01. Ever. You don't want to force her to do it.

And in the midst of all this, I thought I was an island of sanity, until I caught myself trying to marry a pair of pliers called Fred to Beatrice the stapler.

I've officially lost my mind.

I didn't stop laughing for a whole ten minutes. Stuart simply shrugged at the customers. Then Slainey nearly bowled someone over with a trolley and my hysterics were forgotten.

* This is a common trait, naming things. Slainey's trolly is called Trevor.

** This is because Ali is an innocent and pure snowflake and Phil, Stuart and I have decided that in another life she was a puppy. She must be protected from the crazy.
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*watches the shit hit the fan*

Oh lord, Vic's playing Greece.

On the one hand, I'm unsure if he's got a low enough voice range to handle him, though he did do Ikkaku pretty well on that front. On the other hand... Vic, mister "there is no gay in CLAMP" is playing Greece. Who slept with Japan. And is more often than not shipped with Japan.

Did Funimation do this on purpose?

I lol'd so hard.



And the others I don't really recognize but watching the fights over Vic is great.


Jun. 21st, 2010 07:26 pm
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Holy shit Port.



Did you assassinate Chun Hei's goalie?

PS: All better now. Family Ties up this evening.


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