Aug. 30th, 2010

WIN \o/

Aug. 30th, 2010 12:03 pm
hellzabeth: (>Konata: \o/)
So Nena dragged me out to the pub and there was a pub quiz on so of course we took part. Our team was us, her parents, and her parents friends, and we were all very sure we were going to lose, but meh, what of it, it's for fun anyway. We still put money in the pot for the winning team to collect though. Sorta raises the stakes.

I can't believe we picked "Foghorn Leghorn" as a team name. Granted Nena's mum misspelled it and it ended up as "Froghorn Leghorn", but that's besides the point.

The quiz had loads of rounds, and Nena and I owned the Children's Books round, tutting and rolling our eyes when they asked "What is the name of Ron Weasley's sister?" It was a lot of fun, though I beat myself up over not knowing how long the 100 years war lasted. It was 116 years, not 114, you idiot! /headdesk

And in the end, all the papers were collected up and we all sat around our tables (well, Nena and I were sharing this one really comfy chair but we unfortunately both have womanly hips so one had to sit on the arm rest while the other got to sink into the squishy) drinking and eating sweets until the question guy started reading out the places from last to first.

For ages, we thought he'd forgotten us. He got to "second place..." and didn't say our name, and we were about to check if we'd not heard him, when he suddenly went

"First place and the prize goes to... Froghorn Leghorn!"

We screamed and lept out of our seats, bouncing around gleefully and clapping our hands hand high fiving each other.

Of course now I've had a night's sleep over it I kind of realise how silly it is to get so worked up over a pub quiz but WE'RE PROUD OF OURSELVES OKAY. \o/

So that was fun.

/goes off to check her tags


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